Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mary Kay and Social Responsibility

I have had many concerned emails about information surrounding Mary Kay and their supposed sponsorship of HSUS. Now, I too was at first alarmed, but when I went to the Mary Kay website, I found the truth was that once again HSUS has listed information as fact when it is actually a fabrication.

I can't answer for the donation by an individual, but I do know the company that I work for, and I believe in their dedication towards supporting just causes to eliminate cancer and to end the epidemic of violence against women. If you're interested in finding out more about what Mary Kay Inc does support as a company I encourage you to go here.

Below I have included the information provided by Mary Kay Corporation.

Published 03.09.10

Event Sponsorship Clarification

Some Independent Beauty Consultants and fans of Mary Kay® products have expressed concerns over a recent sponsorship of a Dallas-area event. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We have heard you and want to clarify any confusion.

First and foremost, Mary Kay is not a sponsor of this event. Mary Kay’s owner’s wife was approached to make a personal contribution toward a local event here in Dallas sponsored by the Dallas chapter of the Humane Society. This event specifically supports efforts to stop puppy mills and the organization’s “Stop Puppy Mills Campaign.” Out of caring and compassion, our owner’s wife agreed to make a personal contribution. Mary Kay has contacted the Humane Society to clarify that we are not sponsors of this event, and the Company logo is being removed from the Humane Society Web site.

As a Company, we sincerely apologize for any confusion or causing any offense to members of the Mary Kay community.

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