Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Follow through?

On Sunday I had some time to fill, what with no company, no TV, and my nap already done. So I decided to finally finish priming my basement from after we tore down the walls. I ran out of primer before I could quite get done with the last wall-but it already looks so much better. Don't you agree?

Oh wait, you don't see a picture? That's because for approximately 2 months now, I have been completely unable to find the charger for my camera. Yep-gone! No idea. No pictures. No fun.

But last night as I was pulling out my overnight bag from the top of my closet, no reason really, I'm not staying overnight anywhere, but there it was! So maybe, and I stress the maybe I will get some pictures up of my recent thrifting finds and the progress in the basement and the bathroom.

Of course, I won't promise that I will actually follow through on that. I seem to have a problem. Like I said, I was so close to finishing up the priming in my basement. So last night, I buy another bucket of primer, bring it home, and what do I do? Instead of spending 20 min. finishing it up I figure why not start tearing down the border in the bathroom. Seems like a good idea. So now I not only need to finish priming but I also need to finish the border removal!

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