Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Workin' hard for the Money-well not really

I love marketing. I think that I am good at marketing. I loved my job at the Athletics Dept. for K-State, and I even sometimes miss school and working in all of the different Marketing classes, doing events and working towards something. Now..... well now, I work at a bank, as a teller counting people's money. Sometimes it's just truly depressing. I love the people I work with, they're crazy and fun and about as drama-free as a workplace (w/ about 10 women) can be. But, I know that I can do better. I know that there's a better fit for me somewhere. Working at this bank, there will be opportunities, they do understand that I am a great worker and have great possibilities, but when? When will I see it? And will it be enough?

I also love my job with Mary Kay. I see so many great possibilities there as well. It's challenging, fun, and I get out of it exactly what I put into it. Plus, if I really worked at it, I know that I could be a Mary Kay director, be succesful and also be able to one day stay at home with my kids. And I get better bonuses, like a free purse last year and a CD player this last month. And if I become a director, diamonds and free cars!

Hmm, what a hard choice.

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