Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend = Success

This is what I ate this weekend:

Wendy's Breakfast Sandwich
Chipotle Burrito
"Heavy" Hors d'voeuvres (and yes I used spellcheck on that)
....such as Ribs, Mini Corndogs, Mini Soft Pretzels, Yummy Cheese and Crackers, lots of cheese and crackers, Mini Tacos
just a few Bud Lights-both from the open bar and the way too expensive one
Snow Crab Legs
Crab Rangoons
Maraschino Cherries-and yes those count as an individual dish
Fluffy, huge Blueberry muffins
Fried Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
yummy 7 layer salad
Mint Chip Shake (from QuikTrip-yea for QT stops)
And I finally finished it all off with a Fountain Mountain and a bag of chips

This is all in a 48 hr timespan-I think I maybe overdid it.

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