Thursday, April 2, 2009

T Minus Ten Days

I only have to wait until next Sunday before I can start drinking pop again. Oh my Glorious Mt. Dew-my Beautiful Fountain Mountain-how I miss thee. By now, I normally have a decreased desire to drink pop, and no longer worry as much about it. But this year, I have really struggled.

I have so many triggers. For instance, getting into my car, or heading back to work after lunch, or cleaning. The problem is these are daily occurences (well except for the last one.) And daily I am reminded how much I want a pop by the crisp sound of my co-worker opening her soda can or by someone sucking out the final drops of pop from her styrofoam cup. And I cannot wait until I am able to again experience the joys of caffeine.

And as everyone has reminded me during this time, I know that if I was pregnant I would not be able to drink pop. And contrary to my prior post, I am not pregnant, and I plan on enjoying every moment of pop-filled bliss until I do have to make that 9 mo. sacrifice. Think about that! No pop, no beer, no wine, and in their place nausea, swollen ankles, and (even more) mood swings.

But, for right now, I just know that I am counting down the days until I can again enjoy my styrofoam 32 oz. cup filled to the brim with only 3(!) ice cubes and cold Mt. Dew . It's horrible for me and how pitiful is that. But I suppose that's why we do it, to remind us that our suffering and our sacrifice is miniscule compared to that of the ultimate sacrifice. But still, no pop is no good for me.

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