Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have You Been Here Before?

I'm looking for some sort of tracker to put on my blog that will allow me to see who stops by my blog, where they're from and if they're returning or new visitors. And I want to be able to block my computer so that it doesn't count me when I stop by my own blog. So any suggestions? ideas?

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[M.E.G.] said...

Hey Miranda. This is actually the second time I've looked at your blog. So yes I have been here before. :o) I use feed-jit on my blog. It gives you the cities and the times that people stop on your blog and you can select so that it doesn't include your own. Only sometimes it doesn't say a city and it just says united states for someone who reads mine... so i don't know who that is. Hope that helps. How are you guys doing? Congrats on the farm land purchase! How exciting.