Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not that I don't worry enough about my bathroom breaks

How awkward is small talk in bathrooms while you're washing your hands? Do you ever find yourself just kind of hanging out in the stall-waiting until you know the other person has left? I hate it. I mean seriously other than, "Watch out-it gets hot pretty fast," nothing is really needed to be said in that situation. The worst thing though is when its someone you know or even someone at work. Because what if the conversation takes longer than washing your hands? Do you stand around to finish talking? Other people may be trying to get to the sink. Do you walk outside the bathroom and stand there, in the hallway or whatever?

I've never claimed to be good at small talk, and I can be very socially uncomfortable in situations in which I do not know the proper protocol. Believe me, ask my husband, I freak out when I have to go into a store or place I'm not familiar with. I never know where to park, or who I'm supposed to talk to, or what I'm supposed to say-and I know that everyone else does know what's going on, so there's this huge finger pointing at me from the sky saying this girl doesn't know what's going on! Laugh and point at her! Not that I need to lay out all of my craziness for you to see, but its true right? Bathrooms are just awkward.

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