Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm coming back like Brett Favre

I'm Baa-ackk! Mark and I finally broke down and just bought a new computer. Apparently the motherboard in my laptop was fried?! Something along those lines, I guess, I tried to listen but when you combine listening with computer terms and a know-it-all, thinks he's funny salesman-I only got about half of it. Basically I heard-it'll cost you at least $300 to maybe fix it and we could get a brand new tower for our desktop for $500 with a much, much better processor and so I did it.

Now I do have to say, I called the dear husband at home, before the purchase because I was doing the shopping by myself, and we were discussing it. And he was wanting me to wait until he was there with me, and I was not wanting to wait until he was there with me and then the most terrible thing happened (dunh dunh dunh) his phone died! Now you and I both know I did the best thing possible as a responsible and dependable spouse-I figured I would have ended up talking him into doing it my way anyways and just bought the thing!

But so now I am back, ready to unload a whole lotta recipes and "funny" stories and interesting peeks into my life. Ooh, and pictures of my dog. Heck ya!

Doesn't it feel like oh, about every 4 months I make a post like this-promising you all sorts of goodies but having no real goods. I'm all about comebacks, and getting your hopes up, and then crushing them! Sorry about that, if you think I'm un-dependable, you should ask my husband.

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