Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things that make me feel domesticated, and happy, and married, and grown up.
  • Getting the mail-kind of exciting, even though the bill stack is getting bigger
  • Buying curtains and drapes and decorative pillows and such
  • Having the trash barrels right outside the door in the garage, and making my husband take out the trash
  • Buying baptism gifts for all the beautiful babies we have around us
  • Feeling too old for and being tired of Facebook (....I was on facebook back when you had to be in college, and I could scroll through everyone of the groups or people in the K-State network, and I had to walk uphill both ways to log onto a dial-up Internet connection)
  • Going grocery shopping for real food, like produce
  • Being invited over to our neighbor's house for dinner, and buying them a gift-and then dropping off a Thank You
  • Talking about our retirement fund
  • Thinking that we could really have a kid, like on of our own, not just one we pick up and hold for about 12 min. at a time
  • Donating for frickin' football tickets (don't get me wrong-you don't find many people who love football or game days or K-State more than me, but seriously-it's how much? for how many games?)-ok so maybe this one doesn't really make me happy, but it does make me feel like we've entered the real world
  • Using real plates for supper, and maybe someday when we're really grown up, we'll actually eat at the dining room table
  • Worrying about my yard and what my neighbors must think (well they didn't bring it up at supper, but they surely must mutter under their breath when they look out the window)
  • Shopping at Home Depot with my husband
  • Getting to use the word husband

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