Monday, August 17, 2009

Word of the Day #2

Chiquahua~ you know, those little dogs that try to sell you Taco Bell. Only this kind is apparently spelled with a silent q. Those silent q's can be tricky.

Ummm....explanation please!

An individual that I know, that will remain nameless (not to protect them, but rather me!) recently made a $20 bet that there was in fact a silent q in the word chihuahua. Twenty Dollars! Do you know how many Fountain Mountains that would buy!? (well, if you get the first cup new, and then only get refills after-about 24-that's about 2 weeks for me, ladies and gentlemen-that's a lot.) Now I am no literary genius, but I'm pretty sure that the letter q is almost never silent in the English language. Now granted, there is such a thing apparently in the French language-but I'm pretty sure chihuahua is not French. Though you know, I've been wrong before-but I'm still pretty sure I'd put my $20 on it.

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