Sunday, August 16, 2009

Watch out-I know how to hold a paintbrush

One of the first things I wanted to attack in the new house was the room painted black, that would eventually become my Mary Kay office. I knew it needed the most work, and Mark wanted all my Mary Kay crap out of the living room, the bedroom, the hallway, the kitchen, etc. So began the fun!

The before picture.... I mean, I figured I couldn't do much harm to this room.

Sorry sister- my husband has an obsession w/ closeups. But she was a great help (when I let her-I feel guilty having other people help-and at a loss for control, so it's hard for me to let others help!)

First or second coat, looks pretty good in the picture-but not so good in person. Still needed some help.

Four coats of expensive primer later!

Kinda hard to tell, but this is the first coat of pink paint. I freaked out, too close to Pepto Bismol for me. But I took a deep breath, and let everyone convince me I needed it that pink for it to look good with the furniture and such in it later.

Yep, no drop cloth. I wanted to drip on the carpet so that we would have a good excuse to replace the nastiness that is our carpet for the entire upstairs.

Oh my hero! Taping off all my stripes.

Hey baby-whatchyou doing later tonight?

We used the same color of pink, but this time with a High Gloss finish, as opposed to the Eggshell that we started with. This was a bit scary, because we had to remove the tape asap before it dried so it wouldn't pull off the paint, but we wanted to make sure we got a good coverage with the glossy.

Starting to see it.

*Big sigh of relief* It's beautiful!

Very Victoria's Secret bag-don't ya think?
It turned out better than I even imagined! Now I've got to get my shelving up and some pretty decorations. But I've already succesfully had 5 facials in the room, though we had to use my desk as a table because I'm still running out of room. But, it's coming together-just slowly.
And I'm still waiting on the replacement of the carpet.

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