Thursday, August 27, 2009

Turn Your Speakers On

Have you listened to the music I have on my little playlist at the bottom here? I mean seriously, some of the best stuff. I just have a really good taste in music you see. When people ask me what kind of music I listen to, I tell them Country. But I'm not talking Rascall Flatts, or Toby Keith, or especially those idiots Big & Rich. I like real country, classic country, the good stuff, but especially what is called "Texas Country" or "Red Dirt Country." These are typically artists that come out of Texas or Oklahoma and it's a real Rock Country, alternative Country. Love it! Think Country music/lyrics with good-rock-guitar playing. Check out some of these guys if you want to hear true musicians.

Jason Boland

Cross Canadian Ragweed

Jackson Taylor Band

Casey Donahew Band - and again!

Aaron Watson

Ryan Beaver

Oh goodness, I could go on forever-but these are a few of my all time favorites and current obsessions. Please Please check them out. Yes these links are all YouTube videos, but go to their websites and you can hear so much more.

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