Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Needs vs Wants: a discussion

So my birthday is in the middle of summer. I always hated having summer birthdays, because I didn't get to take cupcakes to school, I didn't have all day to be surrounded by my best friends, and quite honestly-as a farm kid-my birthday is always an afterthought. Like maybe we'll celebrate it in September, when things slow down.

And all I've ever really wanted for my birthday is for people to notice and remember. I'm not a Birthday Diva. I hate figuring out what I want....I don't know what I want. I can't even decide what I want to eat when I'm at Sonic, how am I supposed to tell you what gifts to buy me!?

But today, TODAY, I have ideas for what I want!

Oh why hello, gorgeous-wouldn't you look lovely in my dining room. Yes, yes you would.

Lately, we have been getting lots of rain, much to the dismay of my farmer husband, who wants to be in the field planting beans. But, more importantly, to my dismay, I have no cute rainwear. I need me some cute stuff, and this rain jacket is lovely! I love the belt and the shape. I was looking for something bright and colorful, but something a little more classic might be better for the years to come. And maybe I could just get some super cute rainboots instead.

And finally, despite my husband telling me that we do not need a second computer, I really think that I do. It would just make everything so much easier. And by everything I definitely mean updating this blog. So, I think that it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

But really other than that (ha, other than a chandelier, a coat, and a computer I say, what kind of other than that could there be!), all I want is to hang out with my friends, maybe watch a baseball game and spend some time with my hubby-who will no doubt actually be in the field or waiting at the elevator for everyone to be done in the fields for my birthday.

Yea me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We're an old, married couple

In the past three weeks, my husband and I have cut down a tree in our front yard, ripped out nasty old carpet in our entire upstairs, picked out (together) and had installed new carpet, transplanted plants, seeded new grass, had a garage sale, and a backyard barbecue to invite over friends and neighbors.

Now I'm not telling you all of this to impress you with our work ethic, because quite honestly we're a couple of really lazy people, but instead I'm just reflecting on what our life has turned into.

I spend my time thinking about what area in my home to work on next (seriously though, what area should I do next-cause they all need it, and they all seem like a huge undertaking-HELP), I worry about Mark and I finding the time and money to start a family, I want to host parties (and get better at that too-you know I want them to actually be fun...) Mark and I have been married longer than the period of time we were just boyfriend and girlfriend (and so no, that doesn't include the amount of time we were engaged, it's just a comparison people.)

Life has been crazy at times, we've dealt with some sucky things. Job issues, family issues, marriage issues, wanting different things at different time issues and feeling like you don't understand me issues. We've grown apart from some friends, we've rekindled old friendships, and whodathunkit, but I've even made female friends (I know, crazy right?) We've made goals, we've reached goals, and we've been lost without knowing what goals to make next.

But we've done it together, and we've made it so far. Mark might be tired of my lazy ass never putting away the clean clothes, and I am only slightly tired of all the farming talk that goes way over my head. We got married young, and were kinda crazy and naive. But right now, we're in a place that makes us happy. Even more happy without that ugly tree in my front yard (and yes, I got a "You were right" from my mother-in-law, and you had better believe I will use that for all it's worth and then some.) And our weekends may be full of yard work and garage sales and parties that are over before 11, but it's been worth it. So thanks Mark for doing it all with me. And thanks for understanding my need for Mt. Dew or other sudden impulses (like yes I might want chili cheese fries from Sonic-even if we did just eat supper), and for only slightly being annoyed by it.

And yes honey, now I'll stop procrastinating and go spend the "it only takes 5 minutes" time to hang up my clothes.