Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Rob Lowe sounds exactly like Patrick Dempsey. And looks like him too. Now that's a Miranda sandwich I could get excited about.

Monday, September 29, 2008

How to Amuse Me

Chase a chicken around a parking lot on national TV, oh JimBob from Arkansas with 17(+) kids.


Has it really been one whole amazing year since I've been married to this guy?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The kind of treasure hunt you don't want to find the X (or a +)

I just don't understand why a pregnancy test would be so difficult to find in a grocery store. I was in Manhattan, at the grocery store, and it just so happened that I needed to find such a product ( so that my husband would allow me to fully enjoy my weekend with my beverages of choice.) I'm looking through all the aisles, trying to act as if I'm not searching for something so that I do not get asked what I am looking for. -I hate being asked if someone can help me find something. I know that's juvenile, and they're only there to help me. But I feel like such an idiot in the first place, and then they have to lead me to the aisle and the exact shelf. The only thing that is worse is when they can't find the item either and have to call their manager, they're calling each other on the radio, taking me to a couple different aisles, and then I feel bad, because by the time I get there, I've talked myself out of having to buy such a difficult item. Because of course, if I like whatever the hidden item may be, I have to go buy it a second time and I just might not be able to find it yet again. Or worse, it may not live up to it's Treasure Hunt excursion and excitement. So, I'm happier just wondering around, pretending interest in whatever is in front of me.

But I digress-I searched for the pregnancy test near the tampon section ( I mean it all has to do with down there anyways) near the deoderant and shampoo (personal hygiene maybe?) the baby aisle (kind of the first baby product you need) the aspirin and pain reliever (cause and effect.) I also remembered that the last time in the store in Clay Center, as I was checking out and reading about how Brad and Angelina were over, and Tom was kicking out Katie, I had noticed some pregnancy tests right next to hand sanitizer, decks of cards, and lighters (never would I consider it an impulse buy) so I passed the checkout lines but to no avail. The only other aisle I was thinking about was the one with the condoms and lubes and such. But I missed that aisle somehow, which may be a large factor in the search for the pregnancy test. I mean really, in a college town, at the point where you have to go to the store to get the test, the last thing you want to do is wander around for 15 minutes looking for the test. Enough to make you sick and nauseous just thinking about it.

But, after making a final trip to WalMart before heading home, a stop for a (non-alcoholic at this point) drink, and making it home to my husband, I have no need to worry and have already cracked open my beer to celebrate (which is now allowed by the Dear Husband.) Just think there will be a future day, soon enough, where I will be celebrating a different result with a much different toast.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's probably a pretty bad sign for my walk if I can only muster up the energy to put on my shorts and sports bra and to find my shoes before taking a break on the couch to catch up with the Internet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Important Part of I Do's

This weekend, Mark and I will be heading to our 6th wedding since the beginning of August. I absolutely love weddings. I love seeing everyone dressed up, I love waiting for the bride to come out, watching the two newlyweds exchange rings, and then of course the reception. There is no better dance than a wedding dance. Everyone's there and is willing to let loose, the best dances always happen. Most of the time my husband will agree to dance with me at least once. And if I do say so myself, we're pretty dang good together! And of course Crazy Aunt Lou might have one too many and make the night real interesting.

Before my wedding, I always used every wedding as an inspiration or as something to do differently than. Now, after the wedding, there's still a comparison, and I believe we did pretty good. But seriously, haven't you all been there. The colors are horrid, the decorations are tacky, the food is bad, and they are charging at the bar. Ugh. I can at least promise you that any wedding that I am a part of will never charge at the bar. There's always gonna be at least some free kegs. If I give anything to the world, let it at least be that promise.

Friday, September 19, 2008

How To Amuse Me

Protect me, by growling and barking (a big boy bark!) at that mean looking dog (he looks a little familiar) that is sitting on the exact same couch you are that is on the other side of the room in the mirror.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vote for Me!

So my little sister called to tell me that she is going to run for StuCo for her 7th grade class. She has to make all the signs and everything, come up with a whole speech and give it in front of the entire Jr. High student body. Of course, our family has been involved with 4-H and my sister has given project talks and been in front of judges since she was 7 years old. But I'm nervous for her. Jr. High is a whole different world. It's tough and can be really difficult. My sister is awesome, I love her sense of humor, but she and I are exactly alike and I had a hard time in school. I was never really comfortable with myself until I got to college. I met some of the greatest guys there that accepted me for who I was, my dry humor and bitchy, mothering ways. I finally have been able to really like myself, after finding others that accepted me. And since that time, I have had better relationships with other girls, my family, everyone.

Never have I felt so grown up than when I could talk to and have a conversation with that one high school bully just this past year. You all know who I am talking about, the guy that made you dread walking down the hallway, the one that you hope you see at the reunion fat, bald, and alone! I really knew I had grown up when I no longer felt that way, though it would maybe still be just a little, tiny bit funny. Mainly, I just hope I am able to give my beautiful sisters some confidence that I had to work so hard for. Those difficulties are worth the lessons, but life seems so much more difficult for the younger kids now than even when I was in school (was it really that long ago?)

But anyways, the most important thing to consider is...should she give out free suckers with her name on them or just promise no homework and a fruit punch drinking fountain?

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Been a Good Week!

I love my husband, very much...but I have to say, I was so excited to have the house to myself tonight. I had big plans- a special, yummy meal, full glass of red wine, some quality puppy time, maybe a bit of cleaning while blaring some Jackson Taylor on the stereo. It could only be better if I had a hot, steamy bubble bath and it was the season premier of Grey's! Well, I did have a glass of wine, and I did spend enough time with Cody, the puppy, to get covered in dog hair-quality time is questionable- and my food was pretty awesome, but I didn't get any cleaning done and truthfully I wish Mark was here. But, I'm sure that tonight, when I have our bed all to myself (!) that I'll enjoy it, just for one night.

Oh and just because I'm beyond pumped - I sold over $1000 in Mary Kay last week. Yes, over, as in more than. Meaning the profit = way more than normal! I'm so excited, and I'm trying to keep everything going! I love hanging out with the girls and making them feel beautiful. I had one great girl last week who never wore makeup, said she didn't even own any mascara. She said she never was taught how to put on or wear makeup and whenever she bought anything, it was always the wrong color. She bought everything I put on her, plus some skin care! I'm so excited for her, I hope that she loves the way she looks. I know she'll be beautiful! Another girl really gave me a challenge! We tried on a few different colors for her eyes, and when we were finally done, I hope she realized how beautiful she is! She kept looking down and didn't want everyone looking at her. I can completely understand, but I do hope she can see how awesome she looks. I also found out that I was #6 in Unit Sales for my entire Unit last year. My goal this year is to be top 3! With the momentum I've got going now, who knows what all could happen!

Something more?

I would love to make this blog more than just an update on what has happened lately in my life. Yet, sadly, it seems I have nothing real creative or inspirational or quirky to say. I have no 'way with words' or can provide a humorous, cynical perspective on life. Maybe every so often I'll provide something great, you'll just have to see.

Anyways, I'm not too worried-Brandon's probably the only one reading this.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time to introduce the most important man in my life...

It's my little Cody! This picture is from the first night we brought him home. He's a lot lot bigger now. He's 5 months old and about 50 pounds. But he still thinks he should be a lapdog, and I'm not so sure I disagree, I like to snuggle, just not for too long.
People always say it's best to get a dog first, before you have kids. You get used to having to think about someone else who can't take care of himself. You have to remember the food, the extra stuff. You can't just take off, you need to find babysitters. But it's so worth it! The love we have, just for our puppy, is awesome. I know a child will be ten times better, and probably hundreds time more difficult!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How To Annoy Me...

Tell me, as I'm filling up my 32 oz. of glorious Mountain Dew, that it's time to repaint my toenails. Mind your own soda, buddy.

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a waste of gas anyways.

Tonight, Mark and I went to his grandparents's house so we could mow and weedeat their yard for them while they're gone. Hopefully this will be the last time that it needs to be done. The last mow always seems significant, the end of summer-beginning of fall. When I was in high school, my family mowed the local cemetery and oh, how I hated it! Not only did we have bad, old equipment, but it took us at least 12 hours to mow and weedeat. It was boring, and the tan lines you get from mowing are the worst. The top half of your legs and the back of your neck burnt. The tan lines from your tennis shoes-yech. I've tried telling Mark I'm allergic to mowing now, but obviously that hasn't worked.
But anyways, I love fall. I love the cool weather, the leaves changing, the start of school, football, crockpot food, rainy days, baggy sweatshirts, and the end of mowing.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Beginning

I have just lately become obsessed with reading blogs and taking a look inside others' lives. So I thought I should try my hand at it myself. See if it sticks. And we'll see if anyone else even cares what I say or what's going on in my life!

Today was a good day-lots of cleaning was accomplished and I had my first Mary Kay Open House in Clay Center. It went pretty well, made more money than I normally do in Manhattan, and I still have cookies and crackers and cheese left! I love having all my beautiful products out in the open and set up. It looks so great! Today was a pretty good day.