Friday, May 29, 2009

House Woes update. Apparently there were traces of termites in the inspection at the new house. Everyone kept telling me, it's not final till you sign the dotted line. I knew there would be things that would come up. I was prepared for it to be tough. But right now I feel as if everything is working against me. There were issues with the creditor, the inspector found a crack in the foundation, and the termites which freaked out my husband. He was really worried about that, but I don't blame him really. But I didn't want to jump to any conclusions as to the extent of the damage and he was ready to just walk away from the house. So, needless to say, things have been tough.

We did finally talk to the termite guy-and he said it wasn't that bad, we had to expect previous termite damage with an older house anyways and that he would not let the termites keep him from buying the house.

So, as of today, it's still full steam ahead. But of course, w/ the whole thing being a short sale and having to wait to get full approval, it has slowed everything else down and now my lender dude is saying that this Friday may be pushing it to close. Of course is all I have to say.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Refrigerator Raider

The new house we are purchasing needs appliances. We need to buy a fridge and a range (no dishwasher yet-but hopefully soon we'll make a spot for one.) We also need to buy my poor husband a new recliner, which means I need new furniture to go with it, right? But anyways-back to the appliances. I need a new fridge. And right now I'm really excited about getting one with a bottom freezer. But I've never had one, so if you have any opinions I'd love to hear them. Plus, I'm struggling w/ which color. Stainless is obviously the "popular" choice, but I hear it shows fingerprints so bad. Black is more my style, but it shows dust and dirt. And I don't really like white at all, but it cheaper. I guess I'll probably end up with black or stainless, and I just won't let my husband touch it til after he's washed his hands, and it'll make me do a better job cleaning! At least I hope so.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well, if the last few posts haven't made it clear-I'm going to be moving soon, which requires me to pack up all of my belongings. And I don't really like to do that. And I'm really not looking forward to packing all of my Mary Kay into boxes, then have a chance to misplace a box, it'll take me forever to unpack, just all sorts of stuff. SO! I'm having a Huge, Huge, Moving Sale!

Mary Kay!

$3 off all eyeshadows
$5 off everything else in stock

(Yes that means $5 off every individual product.)

So, if you're in the Clay Center area and would like to stop by-everything is set out and on sale at my house this whole week. Wed night (5-8pm) Thurs (6-8pm) and Fri (5-8pm)

If you're not in Clay Center, just email me, message me, text me, or leave a comment here and I'll let you know if I have what you need in stock.

So, call me soon, because once a product is gone off my shelf-no more sale price!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pink is my favorite color! - Well not really

So in this house we're purchasing, there are three bedrooms upstairs. We don't need three bedrooms (much to my family's disappointment.) Therefore, I'm turning one of these rooms into my Mary Kay office. And yes, by office I mean it will probably have all of the farm folders as well. But the room that I'm wanting to turn into my Mary Kay room is black.

Go ahead, read that sentence again. But wait for it, it gets better.

Black with one yellow horizontal dotted stripe. Like a highway stripe. Halfway up the wall. With the yellow caution tape around the top-like a border.

And it was a girl's room.

But it's ok. I'm going to take care of it. It just might take a few coats of primer, or a few hundred. And then......this is what I want!'s so pretty!

But with dark wood bookshelves, holding all of my Mary Kay product. And a big table in the middle to do facials and parties at. No bed, but I love the the chaise lounger on the side. I mainly just love the pink stripes. Though I may opt to do something a little more subtle in the color contrast. But I've also found some other rooms that I like and may use as inspiration. I'd love to get feedback and thoughts.

What would you like to see when you come to my house for a Mary Kay facial?

This one seemed more simple and maybe more even with my abilities, (thought not necessarily my music taste.)

I LOVE wainscoting. Love Love Love it. And how gorgeous is that with the bright pink. I don't know, this might be more my style. I just don't think it's real 1980's split level house kind of style. Might not quite go with the sparkly popcorn ceiling and brown high-low carpet. Oh yes, the carpet, that's another issue, but not one for today.

And this one, hoo-boy. I think it may be a bit high class for my taste, (especially since the first thing that popped in my head when I saw it was hoo-boy.) But it sure does look good in the picture. I think it might give me a headache though.

And then, while I'm really having fun with my new Mary Kay room, how much fun would it be to make everything in my home a little more "sophisticated" and "special" and "pink."

I don't think that Cody would love his mommy anymore after that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm gonna be a homeowner

These are all pictures of the house that we are currently under contract with. Yes, it is a split level, and yes it is yellow with blue shutters-but I can get past that.

This is about half of the backyard.
My Cody dog is going to love all of that shade and sticks to play with.

I just have to remember that wallpaper can be taken down, and yellow countertops can always be replaced.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I only sing along in the car or the shower!

Today I updated my playlist that I have here at the bottom of my blog. I did this for two reasons. (1) to please my sister and (2) to kill time at work. I love music, and as evidenced by the list, I mainly listen to Country, specifically the Red Dirt country, or Texas country, or alternative country or whatever you may call it. But it depends completely on my mood as to what I listen to. Sometimes all I want is to dance along to the hip hop stuff-I look completely white girl-but it's what I do. (Especially while I'm cleaning. In fact, it's the only way I clean.) I grew up on classic rock with my dad. AC/DC, Meatloaf, Def Leppard. But I like other stuff too- I just don't have enough time. I don't spend enough time on the Internet, searching around for new music. I try to catch the Red Dirt Show Sunday nights on the local radio station. I'd love to be introduced to something new. Whether it be a new artist, or even a really different genre of music. So, if you're here-leave a comment (you can even remain anonymous) and let me know what your favorite song is currently-or if you have a random artist that I should know more about. I'd love your input.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a Few Updates

1. My dog is still a brat-but he hasn't been coming inside lately. I feel like such a bad mommy. But I've got my reasons, you see, I've got lots of boxes and things sitting on the floor that he would like to play with too much. So no Cody inside.

2. Boxes? you ask. Why boxes? Well-we're officially under contract on a house. (Yes that sound is me screaming for joy, and jumping up and down, and crying, and exhaling huge sighs of relief.)
It was crazy, and exhausting, and just so mind numbing that I don't even feel like trying to put it all down in writing yet. I don't get stressed out much. School and work and group projects never really did it, but if i do get stressed and tired-it just completely drains me.

3. I made some yummy mashed potatoes last night! That were healthy! With no butter or sour cream or cheese! Sounds crazy doesn't it. I boiled potatoes and threw some cauliflower (oh yummy-I love me some cauliflower) into a strainer over the boiling potatoes and steamed/boiled them. Then I mixed it all up in my handy dandy KitchenAid mixer with lots of chives and parsley and some thyme and paprika (oh how I love me some paprika) and it was fluffy and tasty and healthy! Who'da thunk it?

So all in all, a pretty exciting week. I'd call it a success, or an S for Satisfactory, if pressed for a grade on it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

He's just so cute though!

My dog gave me a little goose egg, knot, bruise thing on my head. Right behind my ear. And it hurt. Apparently he has completely grown out of the lap dog stage, I'm just not ready to let my baby go.

Friday, May 1, 2009

When Pigs Fly

It's not Swine Flu-It's H1N1 Influenza A. Now say that in a singsong Kindergarten kind of way.

"H-1-N-1, Influenza A"

Keep singing!

"H-1-N-1, Influenza A"

Kinda has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Fun, huh?