Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's a crazy small world

It's amazing the way that life works out. All those twists and turns that lead you down a path that you never would guess. Today I spent some time at some friends's house for their two kids's birthday. I'm just starting to get to know these two great people and their wonderful family. They are lots of fun and people that I feel so comfortable with, from the beginning I didn't have all of that small talk akwardness. I met them because the husband works with Mark and the wife sells Mary Kay, and we ran into each other at the bank I work at, and we decided to have a party together. But the crazy thing about it is, the husband and I grew up in the same small little town. He's a few years older than me, and I never knew him back when I was in school, but now he's working with my husband, Mark, and I'm loving hanging out with these "new" friends. It's great how life turns out.

The Life of an Elevator Widow

My husband has been busy with fall harvest for what seems like ages. Due to the nature of his work, there are times where he has to be at the elevator anywhere as early as 4am to as late as 11pm. And it's everday in a row for 3, 4, or even 6 weeks straight! I know I'm a wife, and I'm supposed to be full of all those funny obnoxious husband stories - and I still am full of them - but I do kind of miss the guy. He is my best friend and I like to hang out with him every so often. I swore growing up that I would not marry a man that would require me to pray for rain so that I could have an active social life with my husband, but here I am hoping for rain or sleet or whatever just so that harvest will be over! But I know he loves it, and he's good at what he does. So I sit at home by myself, go to football games by myself, and take out the trash by myself. So, in honor of my husband, I'm going to add some pictures of the beautiful side of harvest.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Baaack!

I'm back, at least for awhile. I have no wireless router, but the Internet is plugged straight into my computer. Let's hope, for your sake as well as mine, that it keeps working. I know that you have just been lost and sad without me for this past week. I've just been so busy-so much to do!

Yesterday I went to give blood at the local drive. I have O Negative blood, so anyone in the world can be helped by my donation-which if you think about it, is pretty awesome. But when I got there, the computers went down, and so they couldn't do anything. They couldn't do the preparation and tests before you gave blood and they couldn't track or record the donations. So, it kinda stopped things. I ended up being there for an hour and a half. I only have an hour for lunch. 30 minutes past the time I was to be back at work, the girls at work were kind of getting worried. Did she pass out? Is she ok? Did she quit? So, they called my husband. "Mark, we're worried about Miranda. She hasn't got back yet from giving blood. Do you think something happened? Is she ok giving blood? Did she pass out?" My husband's response, "Eh, she's fine. I'm not worried." "Are you sure? She really should be back by now." "She's fine. I saw her before she went, she's fine." That's it honey? You didn't even give it a thought! My co-workers cared, where were you at on this whole deal. You saw me before I went? What does that mean? That since I was fine before I donated blood, that I'd be fine after? Man, I have to be the luckiest gal around.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gone, but not for long.

My computer hasn't been working. Well, not so much the computer as the router isn't working. What in the world is an Internet-dependent gal to do? I'm at work right now, so shhh....promise not to tell on me. I just wanted my sister (and all the other adoring fans I have, ha!) to know what was going on. I haven't forgotten you. I promise to be back soon.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's gonna work!

I am active, busy, succesful, and a Mary Kay booking fiend!

This is my new Mary Kay positive affirmation. I have it posted all over my house now and am saying it, believing it, and living it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Day after Election

I do not feel that it is necessary to shove my political views down the throat of others. I do not feel that I should look down upon those who believe differently than I. But I do completely believe that every person should take a look at our amazing country. I am so in love with my country, with the people that make it up, and what our future is right now. I am very worried about our economy, about what will happen to rural America, small businesses, socialist tendencies, and what will happen with my husband's family farm.

Yet, at the same time, how can we not be inspired by the "change" we see in people. To know that the majority of America will vote for a black man for the Presidency is awesome to me. I can remember being in school and writing essays about influential women during the Revolutionary war, and being inspired by what the "weaker sex" was capable of during a time when they did not even wear pants! Now I hope that my children will someday be inspired by a Presidency race involving the first woman and the first black man and will be able to truly believe that they can do anything. I hope that people who have never voted, never cared before, will take a more active role in our world. And I pray that people smarter than me will work together in whatever partisan/bi-partisan way to help lead our country in the right direction, and to put our Country First. It's time we show the world who we are. Yes we can.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Devil won.

This morning, as Mark and I were getting ready for church, he was shaving and I ran downstairs to iron his pants. While downstairs, I noticed a big ol' leak coming from the ceiling, where Mark was shaving right above me. So, we went into panic mode (and by we I mean I) called our landlord, pulled apart the pipe right under the sink, and ended up heading to the local store to buy some Drano. We wanted to give that a try before deciding what needed to be done next. So, an eventful morning no less.

We were really excited to go to church. We're trying to both be more involved, especially with church. I guess it just didn't happen today.

I'll update on the plumping situation later. Man, I do have to say though, there's nothing scarier than having a "plumbing situation."