Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Storm

It's raining and lightning and thundering outside.....and we're ALL inside.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

THE Cody Dog

We all know that I am completely enamored with my sweet baby Cody. Cody was the best birthday present ever. For once, not only did my husband have a good idea, but he actually followed through with it, and kept it a secret-which is a big deal for him. (When he bought my engagement ring, he told me one late night out at the bar "Don't look in my closet when you come over to my house. I have a surprise." Really, he said that. He also once gave me a Valentine's Day present about a month and a half early.)

But Cody somewhat rules my life. He is an 80 pound attention whore, puppy-eyed, 2 year old. He will huff and sigh and whine his way inside the house, and just when I think I've got some good cuddle time coming, he'll either take advantage of my hospitality and maul me with his nasty dog breath and too big paws or leave me to lay next to his daddy.

But I still love him, and I still let him manipulate me. And someday we will have another baby, and Cody will lose some of his importance. But he will always, always be my first very big baby.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Back Doctor

I went to the chiropractor for the first time today. I have had some back/hip pain for the past week or so, but it has definitely been worse the last couple of days. I've kinda been an old lady, unable to fully stand up or then to bend back over. I hobbled around and after being prodded by my husband and co-workers, I went ahead and made the appointment.

But today as time got closer to my appointment, my back got stiffer, and I became more decrepit, I worried too. I worried that I would hurt more after, that she would tell me to never wear heels again, but the thing I was most worried about....that she would say nothing was wrong with me and that I was crazy.

But she didn't. She told me in fact, that it was most definitely time for a little tune up with her and that I was definitely messed up. Like we're talking one leg longer than another kind of messed up. Like she kept saying, "Ya, uh yaaa....wowww" as my back and neck went craaa-AAACKK!

And so now, I'm laying on a bag of frozen peas, looking forward to next week's meeting. Where I will hopefully get equal length legs back....and approval to wear my favorite heels.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

As long as you don't say Justin Bieber

Important things are coming.

Game Day is in 8 days. Game day, baby! I'm getting so excited. I'm planning out recipes and meals in my head, trying to decide what needs to be packed and most importantly, I need to decide on some game day music.

As a K-Stater, I have the obvious choices. The fight song, Wabash, Stand up for the Champions. But I need some more good stuff. I need some just fun tailgating music, some pump me up stuff, and mainly just some good music to take my mind off the fact that no matter what, every year, almost every game, we're 1 1/2 hrs later getting to the stadium, I forgot the tickets again, and there's some random kids eating all my hot dogs.

But anywho, what are the songs you love? The songs you put on your iPod for your morning run to get you going, the song you hear on a commercial at the beginning of football season that just gets your juices running? Let me know.

Monday, August 23, 2010

you should be jealous

Tonight for supper, we had Mac & Cheese with bacon mixed in, chocolate chip cookies, and I followed that all up with a beer.

Ya, I'm living the dream.

Just living the dream....