Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Living Room

After my fun adventure along Highway 36, I came home with some real treasures. I was so excited to start decorating, especially after finishing up the gorgeous paint in my living room. Below is the picture I am most excited about. I painted all the frames so they matched, except one which is gold. I framed scrapbook pages, one old door lock, and in the middle frame I hung the gold M that was our wedding topper. And this picture honestly doesn't even do it justice.

Also notice that Mark and I made those spindles disappear. You see, there were spindles here separating the living room and dining room, they matched those that we also removed from the bathroom and the ones that I have yet to figure out what to do with in the kitchen (I still need your opinions!) We got the sawzall out, and he even let me have a turn! -Obviously this picture was taken before this weekend, as it still has the hideous blue gingham wallpaper and sunflower border that was the "Before" shot of my kitchen.

I love it! Now I actually am starting to feel like I've put my own stamp on this place.

Music Tuesday-Again

Today I want to highlight one of my most favorite bands ever! Jackson Taylor and the Sinners. Apparently the last time I named them I accidentally said Jackson Taylor and the Stragglers-but that's Jason Boland-so I apologize-but anyways. Back to Jackson Taylor.

I LOVE Jackson Taylor. He's got some hardcore music, strong lyrics, and can be offensive. But if you close your eyes, listen to the words, and remember it's not personal-it's just his story and maybe you can relate or empathize or just enjoy, I really think that a lot of people will enjoy his stuff.

When Mark and I got married, (two years ago today!) our first dance was to Jackson Taylor's "Circle of Trust" and the first time I ever climbed on top of a speaker with a good friend and a lead guitarist for a band was at a Jackson Taylor concert. The first time I ever knew every song the band was playing was Jackson Taylor. And the first time that I fell head over heels in love with the Texas country stuff was Jackson Taylor.

I have worn out all my old CD's and I fear that greater than shoes or clothes addiction is that of my music addiction, and so I have to be careful of continuously ordering more and more-but Jackson Taylor is one the ones that I know will be worth it everytime.

Click here to Listen

And then-Click here to Buy

Happy 2 years!

Happy Anniversary to the man of my dreams--or at least the man who is constantly in my dreams.

I love you honey, you're my favorite.

Monday, September 28, 2009


So I thought it would be fun and amusing to post my kitchen pictures on here again, the beautiful ones with all the white walls (well if you can get past all the crap I have strewn everywhere) and ask you, my wonderful talented friends to give me some advice. I was going to ask what colors? what changes? what to do with those dang spindles? all of that. But then, oh goodness let me tell you, but then my dear friend and co-worker Alicia came over and saved me the trouble. I said, ya know I've always wanted to paint it green, but I also like purple, but seriously I love how open and big it seems now with the white, but I want it to go with the blue in the living room (OH MY GOODNESS-I haven't shown you my living room! What in the world have I been doing? Oh that's right, catching up on my DVR'd new Fall TV schedule and avoiding the computer-whoops.) But so she solved it all, she figured it out, she made the decision so easy for me, which believe me Mark will forever thank her for making me decide things.

But still, I want to hear what you think, where you think I should go, what would look beautiful and modern and cozy and mainly beautiful? Green-light, celeryish, not lime green? or Purple and fun and different? or stick with the neutrals and add some fun pops!? or a family member of the blue in the living room? (I swear I'll put a picture of it up tomorrow.) Or yellow, orange, red, grey, brown, something else? And notice the spindles on the bar, they've got to go, but I think they're pretty important to the cabinets up above. New spindles? Different support? or just get rid of the cabinets above? And if you can, notice that I have yellow counter tops. Which will be staying, at least for awhile more. They're not horrid, but I definitely don't want to call attention to them.
So give it all to me, all opinions, thoughts, admonishes for the way my countertops look, whatever! I'll take them all. Maybe you'll change my mind, or give me a different thought on how to approach the whole thing, or give me an idea for a different room, or give someone else an idea for their own house! Leave a comment, let me know or you can also vote in my color poll on the side, if you're not too wordy (unlike me.)

Thanks for anything, I'll enjoy reading your comments.

Well, if you leave me any.

And not that I'm being desperate, but please leave me a comment, it'll make me feel so cool! Just click on the little words below the post that will say (0) comments and then type away in the box. You don't have to have a blog to comment, you can just leave your name.

Maybe I'm being a little desperate.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Operation Wallpaper Removal


At the beginning of today, this is what my kitchen and dining room looked like.

Well, w/ a fridge and stove in those holes, but with that same blue and white striped wallpaper.

Yea, it looks more like this.

Don't you love how well the two wallpapers meet.

I employed a good friend to help with the removal. She came in handy, because just the same as when shopping for the good stuff in antique stores, her tallness is great when I need to use the stepstool.

She may kill me for this.

Yea! Wallpaper is gone!

Look at all that white, clean, open goodness.

Now it's time to pick a paint color.

I've got LOTS to choose from. My new friend Sarah from the Manhattan Home Depot gave me this little beauty on a recent shopping trip. I love her. And I love my paint chip thingy. If there is an official word for this thing, please let me know. And yes, when you look at the picture above I was holding it backwards, so all you see is the white back of each sheet.

Same Old, Same Old

This blogging thing sometimes is really difficult for me. I always have lots to say (just ask my husband) but I always seem to have a hard time actually saying it-I also have a hard time putting my thoughts down on paper -or computer. There have been a few times this week that I have sat down to try and say something, something more than just updating you on how the house is coming along, and I just sit there. I may type out a line or a sentence or perhaps just a few words. But that's it, that's as far as I get. I'm never concise, full of cliches, and lose interest quickly. Which, when combined together never make for anything worth reading. And I'm all about putting quality posts on here to stimulate your mind and challenge myself and, hahaha who am I kidding.

But still, I do want to write something that at the very least makes sense, and so here I am again today. Typing, yet saying nothing. Reminds me of a song by Jared Pete Gile, yes the same one that I wrote about on my last Music Tuesday post-you know almost two weeks ago, which of course means that after two solid weeks, I've already gone AWOL on my weekly Music Tuesday Posting posting. Ah well. He had writer's block for awhile and so he took a trip to see new scenery, get out of his routine, and perhaps get over his block. And he said what he finally did to break through, was just to write a song about having writer's block.

Same Old, Same Old
Same old hat same old blue jeans
It’s always the same old same old it seems
The glass is half empty and I’m laying around
Why does everything gotta seem so upside down

Thumbing through the classifieds
Ain’t no jobs out there unless you wanna work 8 to 5
Sun comes up then it melts aways
It does the same thing day after day

I could use a break
From all this nothing that I do
I sleep in till about 11
And finally get outta bed around 2
Just looking for something to get me out
Of this restless state of mind
I’m stuck in a rut but if I can dig out
I bet I’ll be just fine

Same old hunger same old empty plate
It’s always the same old same old just a different date
Watching the world out my front door
Dr. Phil at 3 and Bonanza reruns at 4


I could use me a Hummer
One of them great big 4 wheel drives
If I could just get my hands on a new set of wheels
I bet ya I’d feel a little more alive
Just looking for something to get me out
Of this restless state of mind
I’m stuck in a rut but if I can dig out
I bet I’ll be just fine

Same old guitar same old songs

It’s always the same old same old all along
Head in my hands feelings on my sleeve
I ain’t the type to ask why but why me


I could use a trout stream I could us a pretty mountain morning
If I could just get my hands on a million bucks
I bet my life wouldn’t seem so boring
Just looking for something to get me out
Of this restless state of mind
I’m stuck in a rut but if I can dig out
I bet I’ll be just fine

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Farmer's Wife

Last February, Mark and I headed to Louisville, KY for the National Farm Machinery Show. We were excited and nervous. Well, he was more excited (in a farmer-don't show any emotion-silent kind of way) and I was nervous (in a hope he doesn't throw me out of the moving vehicle because I won't shut up-have to pee again-or got him lost kind of way.) But we survived and we enjoyed it, and I hope that we can do some more trips soon.

It was a long car ride, especially with no Mt. Dew on hand-but I didn't want to have to make Mark pull over 12 times through Missouri, so I sacrificed.

The trip was what I "got" him for our 1 year anniversary. Which is also the reason I was thinking about it today. Our anniversary is in 1 week and there is nothing that I can really think of to get him. I mean he already has me, right?

And seriously, do you see the size of that cake? I was a happy woman. No, no-content, remember? Content

Here I stand with our good friend, Jon. Jon and I grew up together, and then he and Mark were in the same major. There was a whole group of K-State guys there while we there. We hung out with Jon all day, mainly because he and Mark are both equally excited at the same boring things.

Oh man, it's a Gleaner!

We Drive Gleaner.
I think this is the world's biggest something or other. Like I know what I'm talking about. After this trip, I tried explaining to a friend how I had learned that the difference between a Gleaner combine and one of those green ones was that the thing on the inside, like a drum/barrel thing, went side to side not front to back, which is better. I don't think I proved my point.

And there's a Tractor Pull too! As if 1.2 million square feet of tractors and combines and farm related booths insn't enough. I mean really, I have to be the best wife ever.

Here's one of the tractors as it gets ready to take off! It was actually pretty fun and loud and great.

On our way back home, we stopped in St. Louis and went on the Budweiser Plant Tour. It was tons of fun, and they have free beer at the end!

The day we spent in St. Louis was actually Valentine's Day and we ordered pizza to the hotel and spent approximately $178 at the hotel snack bar-but they did give me a rose. Must have felt sorry for me that this was how I was spending my Valentine's Day.

But it was wonderful, and I couldn't imagine doing it any other way.

Which brings me back to why I started this whole thing-what in the world should I be getting my husband? The 2nd year traditional anniversary gift is cotton.....he does need some new jeans. Maybe that will work.

Did You Know?

When using the spellcheck here on blogger, it doesn't like the word pissy. It must be too pottymouth for it to be recognized.

Kind of like how my cellphone won't automatically spell out ass for me. Instead it thinks I want to type apr. Believe me - when I say I'm gonna kick your apr I'm not really talking about an annual percentage rate.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All in a Day's Trip

I woke up at 4:15 Saturday morning, and I jumped up-got in the shower, felt good, felt awake and was headed on my way within an hour. Surprising considering the fact that it takes about an hour to continuously hit snooze on my alarm clock almost every day before going to work. But Saturday was different, Saturday was exciting, Saturday was Highway 36 Treasure Hunt Day-funny considering the fact that Saturday was also International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

ARGH, me mateys-I was off to find me treasure.

Now as you recall, I started out the day with a list.

Below you will see the multitude of picture frames that I purchased. I think I spent about $1.25 on all of these, plus you can see that I bought a door lock. It's in the middle of the middle frame. That was $0.50. All of these frames will be painted, except maybe the metal one on the bottom right.

I also bought this big picture frame-beautiful! Cost me $2.00.

This is a close up detail of the frame.

And I did say that I was going to buy baby stuff...and then I did say that I was kidding-Majorly Kidding! But what I didn't realize was how much fun I would have looking for my friends's babies. I found this adorable outfit-that it is way too big as of yet-but it only cost me $0.50 and one day my adorable friend Bailey's adorable son-to-be will look as cute as you can get in this thing.

Next despite my husband's ridicule, I could not pass this beautiful thing up. Yes, it's a window, and yes it's going on the inside of my house, on a wall. And everyone's doing it anyways, honey! It'll look good I promise-and yes, if everyone else jumped off a bridge.....
It was supposed to cost $2.50, but my darling friend, Dana, who made the trek with me ended up buying its sister, and just gave the man the $5 bill, and wouldn't let me pay her for it. She said she owed me. Basically I love Dana, she was the one who invited me, and I was so excited to go with her. She was fun, encouraging, has a good eye, plus she's tall-which is useful when at an antique store with really high shelves. But I promised her that was just icing on the cake, not the only reason we traveled together.

The following picture shows off the beautiful Christmas decor that I got for....FREE! An elderly lady tried to give me about 6 boxes of free Christmas stuff, but basically I would have just had to have my own garage sale for the rest of it-I mean it was pretty sketchy. The lady was so nice, her and her husband were dumping other boxes so that I could have empty boxes to cart off more Christmas stuff, but Dana and I had to sneak out of there with just the couple of boxes that I did actually want.
And I do mean sneak, I literally ran behind the tent of the people set up next to her.
I'm sorry elderly lady, please don't take offense. I'm sure your 70 years of collected Christmas items will make someone else very very happy.

I bought this lantern for $3-I thought it was kinda overpriced- I should have offered $2, but when we saw other lanterns that were just a little more cleaned up for $15-$30, I figured I must have done ok.

After searching through thousands of glasses, I finally scored with the perfect sized, clear, slightly tapered glasses. $3 for all four.

I can use them to display my Mary Kay items. Perfect size for eyeliners, mascaras, facial highlighting pens.

Or as a decorative piece with some beautiful fresh cut flowers. And yes, that is displayed on my new window.

And finally my largest purchase was this old mirror with a horrid wallpaper border. It is old and it does have some scratches at the bottom but something about Liquid Plumber will fix that right up. I don't know-I'll have to google it.
But I do know that this will look un-frickin-believable at the end of the hallway when I'm done with it. It's about 4 foot tall, including the frame. LOVE it! And I love it even more knowing that I only spent $10. I probably should have offered $5, just to see, but it was worth the $10.

Plus here's a sneak peak of what's behind the wallpaper. Gorgeous, weathered painted oak wood.

My comrade in this ordeal, Dana, also made away with some great deals. I definitely know we're doing this next year, and we may even be hitting up some of the antique shops and thrift stores that we stopped at or new ones that we have to discover sometime soon. We did pretty good and when talking to her husband, he said the amount we had spent was not bad-so we know we can up our limit next year as well.
I definitely came home with some extra cash-even after all the snacking I did Saturday. Total, after adding up all my purchases I spent a whopping....$20.25.
After thinking about that, I'm kinda pissy and want to go back and buy about twice that. I mean seriously.
*If you are visiting from the Flea Market Style Party-First of all, WELCOME! I posted this back in September after my first time experiencing a flea market. Check out what I did with the picture frames in this post. And know that I am hooked! and plan to continue searching out all the great deals, and I'm excited to visit each of you and see what you have found, and to learn all the good Flea Market Secrets from you all! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I should put it in a fortune cookie

"At the end of the day, if it was a mistake-at least we'll have learned from it."

~Sounds so meaningful, yet spoken about a $10 mirror and a $35 antique trunk.

I will update this thing soon with all of my Treasures from my weekend excursion along Highway 36. Be prepared to be amazed.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Garage Salein'

This weekend a friend and I are traveling north to Highway 36 for the Highway 36 Treasure Hunt. There are garage sales, bake sales, thrift stores, and basically anything you can think of on sale all down Highway 36 from the east edge of Colorado all the way through Kansas to the Missouri border, from Friday through Sunday. Now we're only heading out for Saturday and I expect to probably only hit a couple counties, but oh man-they had better watch out, those counties. We've got maps and highlighters and a plan. We've got quite the plan, let me to tellya! I've even got a list of items that I'm looking for. I hope that if I go with a list, I'll be less likely to make it home with a blue and green striped plastic tablecloth and popcorn bowls (true story!)

So here's my list:
(as of yet)
~Wide, ornate picture frames (to be painted when I get home)
~hallway table
~Christmas decor (preferably nice-not tacky, but seriously what's tackier than garage sale Christmas stuff)
~baby clothes (Just KIDDING)
~simple, clear juice glasses

And that's about it-we shall compare the list when I return from the excursion with what I actually bought with my (husband's) hard-earned money.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Music Tuesday, Edition 2

I love listening to Jason Boland, Stoney LaRue, Randy Rogers Band-all those guys. And so when people ask me what kind of music I listen to I tell them Texas country or Red Dirt Country. But the problem is that that title for the genre is so geographically limiting. I mean really, what are we supposed to do about the great artists that are starting to come out of Kansas? Sunflower country doesn't quite have a good ring to it and despite my husband's suggestion of Red Wheat Country, I'm still not sure what to call it. But there are many different bands and individuals that I have had the great pleasure to listen to from open mic nights at Longhorns in Manhattan, KS to county fairs to opening for some of the big names like Jackson Taylor and the Stragglers or the Casey Donahew Band.

Some of the guys that are playing and getting a great following here in my home state, that I have listened to and really enjoyed are Jared Pete Gile, Russell Sawyer and the Lost Cause, Jared Daniels Band, or Callous Maddy.

Jared Pete Gile is one of the greatest songwriters I've heard. I love his shows-perfect for a good bar and some great friends hanging out. I couldn't even tell you the number of times that we've heard him, but I can tell you that if you asked my husband for his favorite song he would quickly tell you Old Back 40 Lover.

Just a half full whiskey bottle and this old beat up guitar
They’re the only two friends that I’m gonna need tonight
I’m gonna tell one my troubles and let the other wash them away
After a little conversation everything’s gonna be alright
I’m just a country boy that’s been locked down by the handcuffs of a bigger town
I still feel guilty bout leavin Daddy on the farm
He told me to go on off to college and make your Momma proud
Cause in 5 years this little farm’s gonna be long gone

I’m just an ol back 40 lover that got stuck on the other
Side of the fence and it’s got me feeling all wrong
I’m just an ol back 40 lover didn’t take me too long to discover
That the city ain’t where this ol country boy belongs

So, now I’m just a sittin here alternating shots with bottles of beer
Acting plumb crazy, getting all drunk and loud
With an average of 5 nights a week in Aggieville
Can’t seem to shake this guilt I feel
Sorry Daddy, but I don’t think I’m makin Momma proud


With a little luck I guess I’ll get a degree but it’ll just be another piece of paper to me
An education’s never made anybody more of a man
But a little hard work sweat on your back, hell some of these boys ain’t ever heard of that
But you can bet I’m damn proud of the calluses on my hands
I’m talking about clear water and spring fed fishing holes
The sunset on the leaves in the fall
How the open countryside becomes a little part of your soul
And how working alongside your family might be the best part of all

I said the city ain’t where this ol country boy belongs

I think there are a lot of people my age (my husband is one) that can really identify with that feeling about leaving the farm and trying to do something different but always knowing where you're really supposed to be. I love it.

And when you can get a songwriter that writes songs like that and will also throw in the good bar tunes like, Just How Drunk - you know you've got it good!

Just how drunk would you have to be
To go home with a guy who looked like me
We could satisfy a little more than just my curiosity

So just how drunk would you have to be
It’s easy to see that I’m no prize
We know you could have a lot of better looking guys
But everybody needs a little more variety
So just how drunk would you have to be

and will also give you his honest opinion on the direction of current "country" music-the Nashville pop/country. Some of my favorite lines come from the chorus of What Would Hank Williams Say and he puts it out there exactly what he thinks about the current "stars" of country.

What would Hank Williams say
About the crap that they’re calling country music today
Didn’t this used to be about the songs
Could somebody tell me just what in the hell is going on

And I hate when ol Kenny Chesney goes to playing air guitar

And I can’t believe the old lead singer for Poison was a judge on Nashville Star
And ol Toby Keith probably wouldn’t agree but I think that it’s wrong
When a tune called “Who’s your Daddy?” is considered a hit country song

Now I know this has been a really long post, and I did already get in trouble for not having my Music Tuesday post up so that people could actually read it on Tuesday! But hey, I got it done before 11pm-so we're good, right? But with all the painting and demolition and redoing of my house, I've really been just cranking up the music and having fun-and Jared Pete Gile has been at the top of my list lately and I wanted to share him and think about all the fun songs and the truthful, thoughtful songs he has. He may not ever make it far on the radio, but he and the other Kansas guys helped to influence my current music tastes, through all of those fun college nights.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Whatever Whatever Shoes

So it's Monday and I'm doing some other stuff on the computer, but I wanted to tell you all about some strange, funny, random things and I didn't want to have to think too much about it, so forgive me if none of this makes sense.

-I watched a man drive his lawn mower through the drive-thru lane for the ATM today.

-Most people keep a magazine in the bathroom-I have our local phone book. Sometimes you just want to know where people live.

-Ok, it wasn't always in the bathroom, I normally carry it in my purse or my car. But one day it landed in the bathroom and it just hasn't left. This way, I don't have to worry about reading a whole article.

-Why does looking at certain people's facebook statuses give me a headache? I mean really, so much drama, all in under 140 characters.

-I am beyond excited for the new fall tv shows to start. It's kinda unhealthy.

-Tomorrow is one of my favorite days. It's Make a Payment on my Student Loans Day! I know you think I'm just really backwards-but we're so close to paying them off that I love making those payments.

-I even have it marked down in my planner a little SM (not S&M you sickos-just SM for SallieMae) with a circle around it. Excitement!

-And tomorrow is edition 2 of Music Tuesday. Heck ya-watch me actually follow through on something, it just might happen.

-Course that's not till tomorrow, things could still change.

-I love Comedy Central. Kevin Hart, Mitch Fatel, Dan Levy- there have been some great stand ups recently that we've been watching. Oh my goodness-thank God for DVR, because how else would my husband rewind and listen to the same joke 12 times and laugh just as hard each time if it wasn't for DVR.
Please just watch this video (the one that says Dan Levy: Justin Timberlake) so you understand my title. Thank you.

Umm....I think that's all that I needed to get out tonight. I guess if there's anything else.....well then it'll just make for another post!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

"Putting crown molding on the kitchen cabinets in a cheap-o ranch house is like putting a bidet in a trailer house."

Well now I can't say that I never learned anything while at work.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bathroom Blunders

The Bathroom:

Now, I have to say-we're not actually working on the bathroom right now. My husband has this idea that we need to actually finish one room before going on to the next, which I vehemently deny-I mean come on, who doesn't want to tear those nasty spindles out?

The best part of that border is that the toilet seat matched.

Sad story though.....I don't have a picture of the toilet seat. The toilet seat was one of those cushy, sit down and the toilet seat sounds like you're letting the air out of it kinds. And so, to really help spruce things up-I bought a new toilet seat. A regular old white one.

And you know what, I kind of miss the cushy, exhaling toilet seat.

Did I mention, I'm allergic to cats?

So the After pictures for the bathroom will be really exciting. Except for the fact that we probably won't get around to that until oh, about 2012.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I found this on the new blog that I just started reading, "The Eye of the Hurricane" which is by one of the guys behind http://www.galleywinter.com/ , a Red Dirt Country website. But anyways-I loved it, and wanted to share it. This is what he said, "...there is something pure when God’s creations form something so compelling." What a beautiful way to put it, I couldn't have said it better.

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me

I just tried to shoo a fly off my computer screen with the mouse pointer. Hmmm....didn't work.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Music Tuesday's -Mark 'em down in your calendars

I have always loved music. I was a band nerd in high school and college, I will listen to almost anything, and I can still describe exactly how I felt the first time I heard Kansas' "Carry on My Wayward Son" - I know, what a cliche but I can get so lost in the moment of a good song. I have always wondered what I would have done had I actually been good myself at singing or playing an instrument or something. I love to hear new bands and different sounds and so I thought I'd try to once a week, on Tuesdays, talk about a favorite or new band that I'm listening to, and if anyone has suggestions or thoughts-I'd love to hear them (unless they're from a certain co-worker of mine who will probably just rag on all my Country-laden choices.)

So it's Music Tuesday. Cause Music Monday's too obvious, and well....I didn't have anything else I wanted to say today-so why not!

Today, in honor of the hour or so my friends and I spent just hanging out, drinking a beer, and listening to some music after the K-State game on Saturday, I want to tell you all a little bit about one of the classics, the originals, the best Red Dirt Country musicians-Cross Canadian Ragweed.

Ragweed, or CCR, or whatever you may call them is one of my favorites. Whether you're talking live shows, CDs, or whatever-there is a song for everything. Tons of fun bar tunes that you can dance and sing along to, unbelievable guitar, and the songwriting and chemistry is what I believe has kept them around with such a loyal following for so long. 15 years and 10 cds! They just released their 10th CD on August 31st.

One of my favorite songs on the new CD that I'm pretty sure I could listen to over and over again is "Pretty Lady." And I think my friend Chance's favorite was "Drag" and the first release is "Kick in the Head" - all solid songs.

Cross Canadian Ragweed × Discography: "Listen"

Another reason that I absolutely love Cross Canadian Ragweed is their live show. Un-frickin-believable.

This is better than any Rascall Flatts or Big & Rich "country music."

If you are not familiar with these guys, I suggest you head immediately to your local music store or their website and buy as many as possible. You will thank me later.
And, as I was thinking about this post and hopping around from one website to another, I came across an artist just right now, that I've been listening to for the past hour or so, and so far I've loved every song she sang. Bonnie Bishop I think that because I lean so much towards the Red Dirt Country, that I just don't hear that many female artists-but you can bet that I'll be looking for her more in the future.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tissues Please!

Now I realize that I tend towards the emotional side and I may cry over almost anything. But seriously, you have to check this out.

And another good one, that I also cried to while watching.

Master Bedroom

the BEFORE Pictures

Yes, that's all wallpaper-all wonderful wallpaper, with a border to boot!

He's more excited about what's gonna happen in the master bedroom, than how it looks.

Ewww......sorry about that one mom.

And the Beginning of the After pictures

Two of my awesome in-laws, exhausted from their constant inhalation of vinegar fumes.

Yea! Look at that beautiful paint color-NO, don't look down at that carpet. Stop it! please don't let it reflect on your feelings toward my new home.

I will post more pictures of the AFTER later, but it won't be until I find my camera.....ya that's probably not good, huh? I need some sort of a homing device for my camera and my phone and my keys and my husband and my Mt. Dew. I'm always seeming to lose those things.