Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peace and Quite

I can not wait until next Wednesday. How about you? You know what important day next Wednesday is right? The day after the election. Now I'm a big believer and proponent of the democratic process, I like it as much as the next person. But I am so tired of all the ads! Please enough with it all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How To Annoy Me

I walk into the salon tonight to get my wonderful, glorious, amazing massage and I look around not seeing my lady that is supposed to give me my massage. Figuring she's in the back with someone else or getting ready, I say hello to the two ladies cutting hair and sit down. Both of them somewhat ignore me and never make eye contact. So, I sit down to wait. I didn't ask about my lady or tell them who I am, but they didn't ask either. Oh, how I hate hate Hate not knowing what I'm supposed to do. Am I supposed to announce myself, should I ask about her, do I walk to the back, am I here at the wrong time? Aack! If only those other chicks working at the salon would have looked at me, at least acknowledged me, asked me who I was waiting for and reassured me that I my massage lady would be out soon. I hope I don't sound bitchy but I was annoyed.

AND like I said, one of my biggest fears and phobias is not knowing what I am supposed to be doing. I can distinctly remember being about 15, having to drive my car into town to drop off at the auto shop so they could check my tires and whatnot. And I was freaking out, I wasn't sure where to park, what to do with my keys, am I supposed to go inside, who do I talk to, what do I say? I always hate that feeling I have when I don't know what I am supposed to be doing. Everyone else just knows all these things, and I'm clueless about all the common stuff. I try hard not to be put in any sort of situation that I am not familiar with, hating that uncomfortable feeling. I'm such a chicken.

What's for Supper Tonight?

Tonight at 5:30, I have a very important date, my hour long massage. So, after my important date, I'm looking to make something really easy. I have some leftover brisket from the freezer that I do believe I will toss in a skillet with a bit of stock and Worcestershire sauce. How do you say that word? I mean seriously, I either call it W sauce or worcheshtershireshchsh sauce. I'll toss some onions in with the brisket and let them get all warm, soft, and yummy. I might have to check out my fridge and look for some green peppers. Then the whole yummy mess will go on some sub sandwich rolls with some mayo and cheese. It'll be my own version of a Philly cheese steak. Sounds good right?

But probably not as good as my massage! Gotta go!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's for supper?

I've decided to add another section to this wonderful little thing. What's for Supper? It's a great question, and something that is always discussed throughout the day at work, something always on my mind, and I know a concern of my husbands. It's not something I'll do everyday. For one, I don't cook every night. For two, you probably don't want to hear how I make hamburger helper (though as my husband puts it, I even have to 'Miranda up' the ol' Helper box.)

So, what's for supper?

Tonight it's knip. Knip is a German dish that my husband's family makes. This last year was the first time I got to help out with the whole process. We boiled pork and beef, used the broth to make oatmeal and mixed and ground it all together, added allspice, and we ended up with knip! Sounds weird, and it kind of is, but it's a great cold weather meal. We throw it in a skillet, let it get real crispy and serve it with cornbread and dark corn syrup.

In case you don't have a massive cast iron pot to boil 30 lbs of meat outside yourself, you can most likely travel to your nearest locker plant and find some there, especially if you live in a German-influenced area. Plus I have a few extra bags in my freezer if you want to come over and try it!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So, my cousin gave me this awesome tip. And I'm happy to share it all with you. But, if I do, you have to promise not to laugh. Promise? Because if I do, it'll really show how boring and wifey I am.


Promise not to laugh?

Rubber gloves. For washing dishes. It was the greatest part of my day. Did all sorts of dishwashing! Almost made me excited to do it....almost.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And from the front row

Yesterday I attended a seminar for my place of employment. Everyone filed in, chatting and grabbing their caffeinated beverage of choice, and trying to get comfortable in their chairs. Of course, there was that one guy who had already taken his front row seat, his pens neatly layed out; he was ready! You know who I am talking about-the first to raise his hand, the one with the all the stories and the questions (which aren't really questions, just a way for him to demonstrate how he already did the right thing and wanted the reassurance of his high intelligence.) He makes a point when no point is needed and truly believes that he and the speaker are friends and cohorts.

What is it with those people? They drive me nuts. I know I have my issues, and I need to work on some things myself-but seriously-I do not understand how those people operate. Do you think they go home and say into the mirror, "Now, would you say that I should brush my teeth this way? Because I already have brushed my teeth, and of course, I do maintain that I have the greatest toothbrush. But suppose that I acquiese the hypothesis of the onomatopoeia blah blah blah."

Did he just say onomatopoeia?

But anyways, I really had sat down with a co-worker of mine, and we had been listening for about 15 minutes to our speaker, when from the front row the guy lifted his hand to ask that question that's not really a question. My co-worker and I didn't even have to say anything. We just looked at each other and instantly had the same thought, "D*****bag." (Of course, due to the fact I have no idea who reads this blog, but I do have a few guesses, I'll just leave it at that.) I truly believe that he thinks we all are bettered by his help. Oh please sir, teach me more with all your educational questions and stories. Thank you for that.

But, I do have to say, it wouldn't really seem like a seminar without him.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, if I did some work out in the yard yesterday-did I weedate? or did I weed eated? or did I just do some weedwhackin'!


F to the R to the E to the E, to the C to the R to the E D I T, Re to the PORT to the DOT to the COM - Come on everybody, grab your bike and sing along!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crazy Thing cont.

So, another update on the walks with Cody. Today, he chewed through his leash. All the way through, while I was standing there. Like, at one moment, I was holding a leash attached to my dog, the next-still holding the leash, not so much the dog.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Crazy Thing

So, I am trying to do better at my goals. And, it's getting a little better, my life, ever so slowly. I did take my crazy little dog on some walks last week. And frankly, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. At one point, when we reached the place of my husband's employment, and Cody had seen my husband across the way-he literally dragged me a good 50 feet. Ok, maybe not literally dragged, but he did forcibly pull. My husband told me Cody looked like a sled dog, at the beginning of the Iditarod. And let's not even talk about this whole concept of a walk. Cody doesn't understand that it's supposed to be a good thing. He kind of hates his leash. It does not bring him pleasure to see me grab the leash. In fact, I'm pretty sure he thinks it's his enemy. We may have to give Cesar, the dog whisperer, a call if this doesn't end.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Work Hard for The Money

I know you work hard for your money! A lot of people have lots of questions about the safety of their money in their bank accounts, what with all the bank failures and economy problems. But, I do want to reassure you. For the most part, the small banks are a great place to be. They did not participate in the questionable loans and are probably excited to work with you in their loan departments. Plus, in your deposit accounts (checking, savings, money markets, CD's, NOW accts) as long as you have under $250,000 you are insured by the FDIC. (As long as your bank is a member of the FDIC, it should be on all of their ads and on front of the doors and their teller windows.) If you have more than 250,000 in one bank, there are definitely ways to get additional coverage. If you have any questions, let me know. I'd be glad to help or you can check out this website:

That's right. You come to this blog not only for all the witty commentary, but the unending fountain of knowledge.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Ex-Files

So, a couple months ago, a co-worker of mine was reading the police blotter in the local paper, when she came across a name that was familiar to me. An ex-boyfriend. And not just any ex, but one of the big ones. The guy I dated both as an 8th grader and again as a sophomore. He was the guy that I first snuck out of the house for, my first date (he cooked me supper,) and my first broken heart. And, most importantly, my first big mistake. After knowing him longer, it wasn't a surprise that he ended up in the police blotter at all.

Well, after seeing his name in the paper, about a month later, I could have sworn I saw him walking down the street of my little town that I now live in. I circled the block (maybe twice), but didn't see him again. Days later, I thought I saw him in the little blue truck that he used to drive back in school (that was over 7 years ago, but somehow in my mind, that's all that I can see him driving still) and then just last week I saw, FOR SURE!, his brother in the grocery store. I immediately called my sister in shock. What to do? What to do!? I hid in the chip aisle and wondered why I did not move further than 50 miles away from my hometown.

My poor husband, he has to think, why in the world is my wife so obsessed with her ex's. But still, you have to admit it is interesting to see where your ex's are at in the world. I do honestly hope that all of my former boyfriends are able to find someone that makes them happy, she just needs to be less pretty than me ....hey-don't think badly of me, you know you think the same thing.

But other than the long-distance stalking and closer akward, pretended ignorance, I have not really had any direct run-ins. I hope to someday be able to make nice and at least say hello. How about you guys, you my adoring fans, hello? ... hello?? anyone there? Yes, well, if there is anyone there-do you have any stories of good run-ins with ex's?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you Mr. Ericson

So, I have to say, I have a problem with Christopher Columbus. I mean, I just don't understand why we celebrate the fact that some random, lost guy ran into the Bahamas, especially when a beautiful, striking, tall Norse explorer, Leif Ericson, was the real first European to discover North America. He's the true hero. And actually October 9th is recognized as "Leif Ericson Day" in some areas. And so, I will forever spend my days, informing and encouraging others to recognize the importance of the Viking Ericson.

*This has nothing to do with my maiden name being Erickson, nothing. Nope, not even when I was in fourth grade and first read the true story, hoping my classmates would recognize the true legacy of the Eric(k)son name and applaud my amazing family-forever understanding what a fraud Columbus was. I knew then that Leif Ericson's true honor was stolen. I am not biased by my maiden name at all.


So, I'm liking this new layout and colors. I wish that I was Internet or 'code'-savvy so that I could set up things the way I liked. I wouldn't have such difficulty putting in a picture or spacing everything out. Maybe I'll have to get out that old book from college where I did take that one class. But, I'm pretty sure that my website class was really just 'code' for sudoku and crossword time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Nothing works as better motivation for cleaning my house than getting a little (or a lot) perturbed with the husband.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Looking forward

So, as I have stated, I have no true expertise. But thinking about this whole deal has made me evaluate my life in general. I know, this blog is getting deep. But I have come up with some goals and aspirations for my life, and maybe this blog will help to hold me a little more accountable. OK-so:

I'll start out kinda easy and basic.
Daily Goals:
-Dishes done. Oh how great life would be with a dishwasher.
-Mail dealt with. No more piles.

Weekly Goals:
-Work my Mary Kay twice a week
-Walks with Cody 5 times a week

Monthly Goals:
-Budget done and (somewhat) followed
-Mary Kay special selected
-All filing for Mary Kay done
-Major grocery shopping list and menu selected. (I've seen this done, and I really think I could do it.)
Here's the deal. I want three different things. I want my husband and I to be healthier, both in food and our lifestyle. I want to do better with our money. We do put a good amount back, but I still think we could do better! And my final major goal is to be able to do Mary Kay full time within two years. I absolutely love my career as a Mary Kay woman. AND no one is more surprised than I am about this revelation. But, I would love to be able to eventually stay home with my children. I enjoy hanging out with fun, interesting women and I kinda like makeup! Plus all the free prizes are kinda a big pull.
So, we'll see how it goes. I'm not expecting perfection. But step by step, a healthier life, a move towards self-employment, and overall a richer (ha-get it) life. Plus, I'll always include cute pics of the men in my life, especially Cody, and my interesting trips to local gas station for my soda pops.

Listening to

I LOVE Jackson Taylor, and when there are evenings that are full of doing dishes, laundry, and putting away all the crap! that has gathered onto my tables, there is nothing better than a Jackson Taylor Live CD really really loud.

*Click on the Title to go to their music video.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have to say, I'm loving this whole 'blog' thing. It's fun to put my thoughts down into coherent sentences. It's good practice, because if you know me, finding anything coherent can be difficult. You see, if I wrote like how I thought, oh I wonder what's on TV tonight, should be a new Grey's, man I missed How I Met Your Mother the other night, oh well, I'll just watch it online, oh what was I doing online already, I can't remember what I was going to look up, maybe ideas for supper or maybe it was ...blah blah blah... That is what is going on in my brain most of the time.

Anyways, so what was I saying? Yes, I'm loving doing this blog. It's been fun to get reactions from people who have read this. Of course, that was only after the whole pregnancy test post which of course was highlighted on my facebook. Most people wouldn't have cared too much, but you mentione the word pregnancy and it piques your interest! My husband has been joking that I need to start money on this whole deal, be a professional blogger like and all the others. I guess I have really impressed him by the success of my past, like what 12 posts. (Editor's Note: including this post, it actually brings the total to 20 posts!)

But it seems that all of those people have some sort of expertise or their own little niche. I've seen blogs about kids, about photography, coupons and shopping specials, organizational ideas (that's one I need to follow maybe,) politics, and so much more. But I have no niche, and definitely no expertise. I am only so witty, and not every day is interesting enough to share with the world. Though I'm not at all truly thinking about making this blog some sort of money maker-it is an interesting thought about having some sort of direction or theme for my own little ol' blog thing. I don't know, you'll just have to stick around to see. I know you're dying to find out about all my expertise.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How To Amuse Me

Last night I got home a little late. When I did get home, it was to a house with all the lights still on and TV still going and both my men asleep. My husband was passed out on the recliner, my dog was passed out on my couch. Boy's night must have been a blast.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Max Hold

So, last weekend, my husband and I attended the last wedding of our season. It was fun, beautiful, great decorations, and they did something that I had also done at my wedding. In the bathroom, they provided a little toiletry basket full of all sorts of stuff. I love it, how considerable we brides are of our guests! Bobby pins, aspirin, tic tacs, etc. I had done the same thing, using samples of stuff, or whatever it would take so people wouldn't be sharing their cooties. Well, it was getting late in the dance, I had had lots of fun doing the Twist, the Shout, the Electric Slide, and all the other great wedding dances. I was really going at it, and it was quite crowded and warm. So, I decided to stop at the basket and maybe...freshen up a bit. So I grabbed the tall aerosol can labeled Dove, to de-odorize and anti-perspire. I made a quick spritz under the right arm, and I thought it smelled surprisingly sweet. I wanted to see what scent it was and took a closer look. And then I looked again. That's right, my friends, I hairsprayed my armpit. Hairsprayed my Armpit. Seriously. Hairsprayed

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Enriching MY life

So last Wednesday, I treated myself to an hour long massage. (My husband bought himself a sprayer for the four-wheeler, so I got my hair done and the massage-still about half the cost of the sprayer.) It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. She started at my back, worked down the butt (oh yes, I go hardcore) the legs, and to my feet. And oh my God, the feet. I think I may have orgasmed when she got to my feet. I know my husband is reading this and thinking, Oh my God, somebody touched those nasty things. Yes, yes she did, she took on the challenge and how I loved it. I think she had to use about half a bottle of lotion on my feet alone.

I do believe it is important to take time for yourself. Feel good about yourself, make yourself important, all of that. I love to soak in a bubble bath, read a good book, take time for my makeup and skin care, of course get a massage, and especially to get my hair done. That's like my own therapy. Just time for me. I do hope that when I help girls with their makeup and skin care, through Mary Kay, that some of them will realize how important they are, and how wonderful it feels to take that time for themselves. I hope that I give them a bit of self-confidence, just by realizing how gorgeous they are, and how great it feels to spend that time on themself. It's part of the reason why I love Mary Kay so much, "Enriching Women's Lives." Not only do the women who use Mary Kay feel better, but especially the women who sell Mary Kay and participate in such an awesome company. I also like Mary Kay for all the free prizes I get!


Oh goodness.. Love IT!

How to Amuse Me

Bring me two beautiful red carnations into work, just because I helped you out with a problem, you wonderful older gentleman -especially considering I didn't even get flowers from my husband for our anniversary. I was really just doing my job (I'm doing my SuperHero pose right now.)