Friday, March 20, 2009

Maybe if they wear their glass slippers...

I suck at picking out my March Madness bracket. I overthink everything, try to pick upsets, and always pick that other school in Kansas (KU) to lose in the first or second round-then I end up with a bunch of 3 or 4 seeds in my final four and I've lost the local pool by the middle of the Sweet Sixteen. I'm horrible. So this year I did two brackets. One I thought about, the other my quarter decided the outcome. And I figured that my quarter would probably end up doing a better job. And so far, both of my brackets have fared pretty well. But, it would seem that perhaps I do know a little bit more than my quarter. For if I followed its suggestions, I would be cheering on Cleveland State-all the way. Makes me feel a little bit better about myself. Just a little.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rockin' it in Red

I know I've probably ran off all my loyal followers since I haven't updated in over a week. Don't worry though, I will get my new battery for my lap top at home hopefully tomorrow. Then watch out, it'll be crazy.

Knock, knock
Anyone there?

Well if you are, let me know your opinion.

As of Feb. 28, 2009 I qualified as a red jacket in Mary Kay, which has great significance in our organization. So I have to make a decision as to which red jacket to order. There's only one problem. Mary Kay is introducing 3 new jackets-I'm completely in love with two of them. But I won't be able to order one until after August. August! And there's also the old one that I could get now. So I want your opinion as to what I should do. Help!

The Old Style-(that I can order now)

The "Drew (Trench)

The "Candy" (Cute little cropped, with a swing back)

The "Lauren" (The New Classic Style)

So vote, let me know what you think.

Friday, March 6, 2009

$1000 in 10 Days

I am 10 days out from the end of our quarter, which means I have 10 days to finish as a Star Consultant and I'm $1000 short. So I need your help! For the next 10 days (that's $100 per day) I'm going to have some great deals for you. I have some great specials going on as well as ways to earn free products!

Special #1 ~ It's all about the lips, ladies!
(From Friday March 6-Tuesday March 10)
Buy one, get one Half Off on:
Satin Lips Gift Set
Lip Gloss
Lip Protector Balm w/ SPF 15

Special #2 ~ Eye popping Peepers!
(From Wednesday March 11-Sunday March 15)
Buy one, get one Half Off on:
Eye shadows
Eye liners

Plus, each day that I reach $100 in one day, one person that made an order that day will receive a free gift w/ their purchase.

And if I reach my goal of $1000 by March 15, one lucky lady will get their entire order half off w/ another free gift!

And As Always-Order over $40 and get the free Gift with Purchase

So, make a small order, make a big order, treat yourself or buy a present for a friend-whatever you do, I appreciate you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It Does a Body Good

Tonight is Wednesday. That means it's milk night. You see, at my local grocery store, you get a milk card and with each gallon (or half gallon) you purchase you receive a punch on your milk card. Then, after 12 punches, you get the next gallon (or half gallon) free. But tonight, oh special Wednesday night, you receive double punches. That means you only need to buy 6 gallons before you get a free one. And since my husband could and does go through two gallons a week-this is important stuff.

I'm a big believer in punch cards, and especially double punch nights. Nothing gets college students (or recent college grads) more excited than a double punch night. WooHoo! I think I should maybe bring punch cards into my Mary Kay business. Plus it'd just be fun to have a special Mary Kay hole puncher. Now if only I could figure out a way to make people more excited to come to my bank with a punch card! And if they're mean to me, I can take away their punches. You know, I think I'm on to something.....