Thursday, June 4, 2009

Facials, Questions, and Lingerie

On a lighter note from my last post- tonight I'm helping out a friend with her sister's bachelorette party. They're doing a fun murder mystery/chocolate fun/spa party. I get to help the girls with their spa facials and it should be fun. I also went to a bachelorette party last weekend. We had lots of fun there too! Fun games, yummy sweets, and a beautiful bride. I'm definitely taking notes for the future. They played the game where they had asked the groom lots of questions beforehand, and then asked the bride to correctly answer the same questions the same way her future husband had. They had videotaped all of his answers, so it was fun to listen to her, and then watch him and they way he had responded. But the best part was that when she answered wrong, she didn't have to put a piece of gum in her mouth or eat something sour-she had to model her "gifts" that she had received earlier.

Now I had lots of fun at my own bachelorette party, but if I remember correctly-and I may not-my groomsmen came to make sure that I didn't have too many guys hanging out close by our party, they even took all the candies off my shirt that other gentleman may have paid for the opportunity to "pull" off, and they may have had to take me home. But nonetheless, good times. And good notes for the future.

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