Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Favorite Guests at the Party

Last week when we had some friends come over to see our new house, it became Baby Central. Our neighbors from our "old" house brought over their 6 month old Kade, our friends brought their adorable little 4 month old Boone (we're good buddies-Boone and I), and our cousin who had approx. 55 hours to go before she went into labor also was there. It was all too much fun. The girls sat around and talked babies and the little boys laid around and flirted with the girls.

When we bought this house, with the five bedrooms, everyone commented on how we had better start filling it up. Now I don't know how quickly that will happen, but I do think it may be necessary for me to go ahead and paint a nursery and get a crib-just so I can entice my friends to come over more often or even leave their little ones with Mark and I for awhile when needed.

And I of course have to mention that our cousin did go into labor early Tuesday morning and we have a new little cousin that I am so excited to meet, and meet very soon!

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