Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'll Never Go Back

We got our new fridge and our new oven! I'm so excited, they look beautiful in the kitchen and really help to spruce it up and even make it look a little more modern.

I know I'm supposed to like Stainless, but I don't. I hate the fingerprints, and I hate the price. I like the black, plus it goes with my mixer and my microwave and everything else. So, that's what we got!

And how exciting is it that I got the Bottom Freezer kind of fridge! We could have spent a little over $200 more to get one with French Doors. And I know it's only $200, but then again-it's $200. The fridge had a little scratch on the outside, and the oven was actually "used." The Home Ec dept. at the high school uses a brand new oven every year, cook with it maybe a dozen or two times and then turn it back in. So, because we shopped locally at the "Scratch and Dent" store, we saved about $1000 from even what Nebraska Furniture Mart had listed. So, I'm pretty excited.

Well, except that this probably means I'll have to cook tonight. Moving is too tiresome!

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~morgan said...

But you didn't!! Yeah for pizza : )