Thursday, September 17, 2009

Garage Salein'

This weekend a friend and I are traveling north to Highway 36 for the Highway 36 Treasure Hunt. There are garage sales, bake sales, thrift stores, and basically anything you can think of on sale all down Highway 36 from the east edge of Colorado all the way through Kansas to the Missouri border, from Friday through Sunday. Now we're only heading out for Saturday and I expect to probably only hit a couple counties, but oh man-they had better watch out, those counties. We've got maps and highlighters and a plan. We've got quite the plan, let me to tellya! I've even got a list of items that I'm looking for. I hope that if I go with a list, I'll be less likely to make it home with a blue and green striped plastic tablecloth and popcorn bowls (true story!)

So here's my list:
(as of yet)
~Wide, ornate picture frames (to be painted when I get home)
~hallway table
~Christmas decor (preferably nice-not tacky, but seriously what's tackier than garage sale Christmas stuff)
~baby clothes (Just KIDDING)
~simple, clear juice glasses

And that's about it-we shall compare the list when I return from the excursion with what I actually bought with my (husband's) hard-earned money.

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~morgan said...

OMG Why didn't I know about this, I would have requested off work and hit some of these places up! Have fun and buy me something!