Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Music Tuesday's -Mark 'em down in your calendars

I have always loved music. I was a band nerd in high school and college, I will listen to almost anything, and I can still describe exactly how I felt the first time I heard Kansas' "Carry on My Wayward Son" - I know, what a cliche but I can get so lost in the moment of a good song. I have always wondered what I would have done had I actually been good myself at singing or playing an instrument or something. I love to hear new bands and different sounds and so I thought I'd try to once a week, on Tuesdays, talk about a favorite or new band that I'm listening to, and if anyone has suggestions or thoughts-I'd love to hear them (unless they're from a certain co-worker of mine who will probably just rag on all my Country-laden choices.)

So it's Music Tuesday. Cause Music Monday's too obvious, and well....I didn't have anything else I wanted to say today-so why not!

Today, in honor of the hour or so my friends and I spent just hanging out, drinking a beer, and listening to some music after the K-State game on Saturday, I want to tell you all a little bit about one of the classics, the originals, the best Red Dirt Country musicians-Cross Canadian Ragweed.

Ragweed, or CCR, or whatever you may call them is one of my favorites. Whether you're talking live shows, CDs, or whatever-there is a song for everything. Tons of fun bar tunes that you can dance and sing along to, unbelievable guitar, and the songwriting and chemistry is what I believe has kept them around with such a loyal following for so long. 15 years and 10 cds! They just released their 10th CD on August 31st.

One of my favorite songs on the new CD that I'm pretty sure I could listen to over and over again is "Pretty Lady." And I think my friend Chance's favorite was "Drag" and the first release is "Kick in the Head" - all solid songs.

Cross Canadian Ragweed × Discography: "Listen"

Another reason that I absolutely love Cross Canadian Ragweed is their live show. Un-frickin-believable.

This is better than any Rascall Flatts or Big & Rich "country music."

If you are not familiar with these guys, I suggest you head immediately to your local music store or their website and buy as many as possible. You will thank me later.
And, as I was thinking about this post and hopping around from one website to another, I came across an artist just right now, that I've been listening to for the past hour or so, and so far I've loved every song she sang. Bonnie Bishop I think that because I lean so much towards the Red Dirt Country, that I just don't hear that many female artists-but you can bet that I'll be looking for her more in the future.

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