Monday, September 7, 2009

Master Bedroom

the BEFORE Pictures

Yes, that's all wallpaper-all wonderful wallpaper, with a border to boot!

He's more excited about what's gonna happen in the master bedroom, than how it looks.

Ewww......sorry about that one mom.

And the Beginning of the After pictures

Two of my awesome in-laws, exhausted from their constant inhalation of vinegar fumes.

Yea! Look at that beautiful paint color-NO, don't look down at that carpet. Stop it! please don't let it reflect on your feelings toward my new home.

I will post more pictures of the AFTER later, but it won't be until I find my camera.....ya that's probably not good, huh? I need some sort of a homing device for my camera and my phone and my keys and my husband and my Mt. Dew. I'm always seeming to lose those things.


Anonymous said...

looks good - could be worse if i was trying to help - i think you missed some wall paper in the corner though - love ya mom

~morgan said...

bahaha I love our mother, "think you missed some.." her sense of humor is on crack sometimes, I need to come see ya'll soon!