Monday, September 28, 2009


So I thought it would be fun and amusing to post my kitchen pictures on here again, the beautiful ones with all the white walls (well if you can get past all the crap I have strewn everywhere) and ask you, my wonderful talented friends to give me some advice. I was going to ask what colors? what changes? what to do with those dang spindles? all of that. But then, oh goodness let me tell you, but then my dear friend and co-worker Alicia came over and saved me the trouble. I said, ya know I've always wanted to paint it green, but I also like purple, but seriously I love how open and big it seems now with the white, but I want it to go with the blue in the living room (OH MY GOODNESS-I haven't shown you my living room! What in the world have I been doing? Oh that's right, catching up on my DVR'd new Fall TV schedule and avoiding the computer-whoops.) But so she solved it all, she figured it out, she made the decision so easy for me, which believe me Mark will forever thank her for making me decide things.

But still, I want to hear what you think, where you think I should go, what would look beautiful and modern and cozy and mainly beautiful? Green-light, celeryish, not lime green? or Purple and fun and different? or stick with the neutrals and add some fun pops!? or a family member of the blue in the living room? (I swear I'll put a picture of it up tomorrow.) Or yellow, orange, red, grey, brown, something else? And notice the spindles on the bar, they've got to go, but I think they're pretty important to the cabinets up above. New spindles? Different support? or just get rid of the cabinets above? And if you can, notice that I have yellow counter tops. Which will be staying, at least for awhile more. They're not horrid, but I definitely don't want to call attention to them.
So give it all to me, all opinions, thoughts, admonishes for the way my countertops look, whatever! I'll take them all. Maybe you'll change my mind, or give me a different thought on how to approach the whole thing, or give me an idea for a different room, or give someone else an idea for their own house! Leave a comment, let me know or you can also vote in my color poll on the side, if you're not too wordy (unlike me.)

Thanks for anything, I'll enjoy reading your comments.

Well, if you leave me any.

And not that I'm being desperate, but please leave me a comment, it'll make me feel so cool! Just click on the little words below the post that will say (0) comments and then type away in the box. You don't have to have a blog to comment, you can just leave your name.

Maybe I'm being a little desperate.


[M.E.G.] said...

Hmm... I don't know what to tell you. I was just going to ask opinions on my blog too! lol I was contemplating a celery like green or a cheery yellow color! :o) purple is cool b/c I personally like bold things. but if your friend already made your mind up why are you asking? lol

Miranda's Minutes said...

well see, here's the thing! I had already started typing out this post, and then she came over, and I didn't want to scrap the whole thing! So I just added back into it and kinda changed it around. I know, I'm weird!

Beautifully Inspired said...

LOVE the spindles!!! I have a vision... I think it would look great to paint your cabinets all white.. spindles and all!! On my blog I have a post about wainscoating... in that post there is a picture of a kitchen with white cabinets (no door) and green wainscoating.. You must check it out!! I love the kitchen and am jealous of the spindles!!

Where in Kansas do you live? Im in Kansas City! Saw you were a K State fan and thought I would ask!!