Sunday, September 27, 2009

Operation Wallpaper Removal


At the beginning of today, this is what my kitchen and dining room looked like.

Well, w/ a fridge and stove in those holes, but with that same blue and white striped wallpaper.

Yea, it looks more like this.

Don't you love how well the two wallpapers meet.

I employed a good friend to help with the removal. She came in handy, because just the same as when shopping for the good stuff in antique stores, her tallness is great when I need to use the stepstool.

She may kill me for this.

Yea! Wallpaper is gone!

Look at all that white, clean, open goodness.

Now it's time to pick a paint color.

I've got LOTS to choose from. My new friend Sarah from the Manhattan Home Depot gave me this little beauty on a recent shopping trip. I love her. And I love my paint chip thingy. If there is an official word for this thing, please let me know. And yes, when you look at the picture above I was holding it backwards, so all you see is the white back of each sheet.

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