Monday, September 14, 2009

Whatever Whatever Shoes

So it's Monday and I'm doing some other stuff on the computer, but I wanted to tell you all about some strange, funny, random things and I didn't want to have to think too much about it, so forgive me if none of this makes sense.

-I watched a man drive his lawn mower through the drive-thru lane for the ATM today.

-Most people keep a magazine in the bathroom-I have our local phone book. Sometimes you just want to know where people live.

-Ok, it wasn't always in the bathroom, I normally carry it in my purse or my car. But one day it landed in the bathroom and it just hasn't left. This way, I don't have to worry about reading a whole article.

-Why does looking at certain people's facebook statuses give me a headache? I mean really, so much drama, all in under 140 characters.

-I am beyond excited for the new fall tv shows to start. It's kinda unhealthy.

-Tomorrow is one of my favorite days. It's Make a Payment on my Student Loans Day! I know you think I'm just really backwards-but we're so close to paying them off that I love making those payments.

-I even have it marked down in my planner a little SM (not S&M you sickos-just SM for SallieMae) with a circle around it. Excitement!

-And tomorrow is edition 2 of Music Tuesday. Heck ya-watch me actually follow through on something, it just might happen.

-Course that's not till tomorrow, things could still change.

-I love Comedy Central. Kevin Hart, Mitch Fatel, Dan Levy- there have been some great stand ups recently that we've been watching. Oh my goodness-thank God for DVR, because how else would my husband rewind and listen to the same joke 12 times and laugh just as hard each time if it wasn't for DVR.
Please just watch this video (the one that says Dan Levy: Justin Timberlake) so you understand my title. Thank you.

Umm....I think that's all that I needed to get out tonight. I guess if there's anything else.....well then it'll just make for another post!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I HAVEN'T even seen someone drive their lawnmower through the motor bank.... so jealous! BK

Miranda's Minutes said...

I'm so glad you left a comment-finally! Now you can comment on all the other blogs we both know you stalk!

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