Monday, September 21, 2009

The Farmer's Wife

Last February, Mark and I headed to Louisville, KY for the National Farm Machinery Show. We were excited and nervous. Well, he was more excited (in a farmer-don't show any emotion-silent kind of way) and I was nervous (in a hope he doesn't throw me out of the moving vehicle because I won't shut up-have to pee again-or got him lost kind of way.) But we survived and we enjoyed it, and I hope that we can do some more trips soon.

It was a long car ride, especially with no Mt. Dew on hand-but I didn't want to have to make Mark pull over 12 times through Missouri, so I sacrificed.

The trip was what I "got" him for our 1 year anniversary. Which is also the reason I was thinking about it today. Our anniversary is in 1 week and there is nothing that I can really think of to get him. I mean he already has me, right?

And seriously, do you see the size of that cake? I was a happy woman. No, no-content, remember? Content

Here I stand with our good friend, Jon. Jon and I grew up together, and then he and Mark were in the same major. There was a whole group of K-State guys there while we there. We hung out with Jon all day, mainly because he and Mark are both equally excited at the same boring things.

Oh man, it's a Gleaner!

We Drive Gleaner.
I think this is the world's biggest something or other. Like I know what I'm talking about. After this trip, I tried explaining to a friend how I had learned that the difference between a Gleaner combine and one of those green ones was that the thing on the inside, like a drum/barrel thing, went side to side not front to back, which is better. I don't think I proved my point.

And there's a Tractor Pull too! As if 1.2 million square feet of tractors and combines and farm related booths insn't enough. I mean really, I have to be the best wife ever.

Here's one of the tractors as it gets ready to take off! It was actually pretty fun and loud and great.

On our way back home, we stopped in St. Louis and went on the Budweiser Plant Tour. It was tons of fun, and they have free beer at the end!

The day we spent in St. Louis was actually Valentine's Day and we ordered pizza to the hotel and spent approximately $178 at the hotel snack bar-but they did give me a rose. Must have felt sorry for me that this was how I was spending my Valentine's Day.

But it was wonderful, and I couldn't imagine doing it any other way.

Which brings me back to why I started this whole thing-what in the world should I be getting my husband? The 2nd year traditional anniversary gift is cotton.....he does need some new jeans. Maybe that will work.

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