Thursday, June 28, 2012


Everyone knows that Social Media is the new "buzzword" for businesses. You have to do them all, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging (duh) and now even Pinterest is being used by companies. Well my lovely, little radio station has to stay up on all the hip new things so we started our own Pinterest page. We pinned the usual food recipes, funny posts, and song lyrics. We use it to link to our blog, pictures of our communities, etc. But we also use it to help our listeners learn a little more about our "on air" people. And somehow, I've become a gal you'll hear on the air quite a bit. So, I have my own little "Obsession" Board. I've pinned of course some old books and clocks and antique-y gorgeousness. I've pinned The Hunger Games, a Wine Guide, music favorites, and more. I'll let you know about some more of my obsessions, but I HAVE to tell you about one of my latest fixations. 

Veronica Mars - yes Veronica Mars, from like 6-8 years ago. I watched all 3 seasons within like a month. I had to start to pace myself as I got closer to the end, just because I didn't want it to end. And then it did, and horribly so. I could not get over it for days! I still think about it, and wonder about Veronica and Logan, their life, if they were ever able to figure out their issues, and what about Piz and Wallace and Veronica's dad. Oh my goodness, it's just horrible that I can't find out what happens with these made-up people's lives! But seriously, I have never been so involved in a tv series (and believe me, I get pretty hardcore about tv shows) but I feel that watching so many hours of this show in such a short amount of time really heightened my connection to this show. Veronica Mars I love you. And I have such a bad boy crush on Logan. Please someone just make this a movie, please. I NEED to know their future!!

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