Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Enriching MY life

So last Wednesday, I treated myself to an hour long massage. (My husband bought himself a sprayer for the four-wheeler, so I got my hair done and the massage-still about half the cost of the sprayer.) It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. She started at my back, worked down the butt (oh yes, I go hardcore) the legs, and to my feet. And oh my God, the feet. I think I may have orgasmed when she got to my feet. I know my husband is reading this and thinking, Oh my God, somebody touched those nasty things. Yes, yes she did, she took on the challenge and how I loved it. I think she had to use about half a bottle of lotion on my feet alone.

I do believe it is important to take time for yourself. Feel good about yourself, make yourself important, all of that. I love to soak in a bubble bath, read a good book, take time for my makeup and skin care, of course get a massage, and especially to get my hair done. That's like my own therapy. Just time for me. I do hope that when I help girls with their makeup and skin care, through Mary Kay, that some of them will realize how important they are, and how wonderful it feels to take that time for themselves. I hope that I give them a bit of self-confidence, just by realizing how gorgeous they are, and how great it feels to spend that time on themself. It's part of the reason why I love Mary Kay so much, "Enriching Women's Lives." Not only do the women who use Mary Kay feel better, but especially the women who sell Mary Kay and participate in such an awesome company. I also like Mary Kay for all the free prizes I get!

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