Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have to say, I'm loving this whole 'blog' thing. It's fun to put my thoughts down into coherent sentences. It's good practice, because if you know me, finding anything coherent can be difficult. You see, if I wrote like how I thought, oh I wonder what's on TV tonight, should be a new Grey's, man I missed How I Met Your Mother the other night, oh well, I'll just watch it online, oh what was I doing online already, I can't remember what I was going to look up, maybe ideas for supper or maybe it was ...blah blah blah... That is what is going on in my brain most of the time.

Anyways, so what was I saying? Yes, I'm loving doing this blog. It's been fun to get reactions from people who have read this. Of course, that was only after the whole pregnancy test post which of course was highlighted on my facebook. Most people wouldn't have cared too much, but you mentione the word pregnancy and it piques your interest! My husband has been joking that I need to start money on this whole deal, be a professional blogger like and all the others. I guess I have really impressed him by the success of my past, like what 12 posts. (Editor's Note: including this post, it actually brings the total to 20 posts!)

But it seems that all of those people have some sort of expertise or their own little niche. I've seen blogs about kids, about photography, coupons and shopping specials, organizational ideas (that's one I need to follow maybe,) politics, and so much more. But I have no niche, and definitely no expertise. I am only so witty, and not every day is interesting enough to share with the world. Though I'm not at all truly thinking about making this blog some sort of money maker-it is an interesting thought about having some sort of direction or theme for my own little ol' blog thing. I don't know, you'll just have to stick around to see. I know you're dying to find out about all my expertise.

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