Friday, October 3, 2008

Max Hold

So, last weekend, my husband and I attended the last wedding of our season. It was fun, beautiful, great decorations, and they did something that I had also done at my wedding. In the bathroom, they provided a little toiletry basket full of all sorts of stuff. I love it, how considerable we brides are of our guests! Bobby pins, aspirin, tic tacs, etc. I had done the same thing, using samples of stuff, or whatever it would take so people wouldn't be sharing their cooties. Well, it was getting late in the dance, I had had lots of fun doing the Twist, the Shout, the Electric Slide, and all the other great wedding dances. I was really going at it, and it was quite crowded and warm. So, I decided to stop at the basket and maybe...freshen up a bit. So I grabbed the tall aerosol can labeled Dove, to de-odorize and anti-perspire. I made a quick spritz under the right arm, and I thought it smelled surprisingly sweet. I wanted to see what scent it was and took a closer look. And then I looked again. That's right, my friends, I hairsprayed my armpit. Hairsprayed my Armpit. Seriously. Hairsprayed

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