Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Ex-Files

So, a couple months ago, a co-worker of mine was reading the police blotter in the local paper, when she came across a name that was familiar to me. An ex-boyfriend. And not just any ex, but one of the big ones. The guy I dated both as an 8th grader and again as a sophomore. He was the guy that I first snuck out of the house for, my first date (he cooked me supper,) and my first broken heart. And, most importantly, my first big mistake. After knowing him longer, it wasn't a surprise that he ended up in the police blotter at all.

Well, after seeing his name in the paper, about a month later, I could have sworn I saw him walking down the street of my little town that I now live in. I circled the block (maybe twice), but didn't see him again. Days later, I thought I saw him in the little blue truck that he used to drive back in school (that was over 7 years ago, but somehow in my mind, that's all that I can see him driving still) and then just last week I saw, FOR SURE!, his brother in the grocery store. I immediately called my sister in shock. What to do? What to do!? I hid in the chip aisle and wondered why I did not move further than 50 miles away from my hometown.

My poor husband, he has to think, why in the world is my wife so obsessed with her ex's. But still, you have to admit it is interesting to see where your ex's are at in the world. I do honestly hope that all of my former boyfriends are able to find someone that makes them happy, she just needs to be less pretty than me ....hey-don't think badly of me, you know you think the same thing.

But other than the long-distance stalking and closer akward, pretended ignorance, I have not really had any direct run-ins. I hope to someday be able to make nice and at least say hello. How about you guys, you my adoring fans, hello? ... hello?? anyone there? Yes, well, if there is anyone there-do you have any stories of good run-ins with ex's?

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