Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How To Annoy Me

I walk into the salon tonight to get my wonderful, glorious, amazing massage and I look around not seeing my lady that is supposed to give me my massage. Figuring she's in the back with someone else or getting ready, I say hello to the two ladies cutting hair and sit down. Both of them somewhat ignore me and never make eye contact. So, I sit down to wait. I didn't ask about my lady or tell them who I am, but they didn't ask either. Oh, how I hate hate Hate not knowing what I'm supposed to do. Am I supposed to announce myself, should I ask about her, do I walk to the back, am I here at the wrong time? Aack! If only those other chicks working at the salon would have looked at me, at least acknowledged me, asked me who I was waiting for and reassured me that I my massage lady would be out soon. I hope I don't sound bitchy but I was annoyed.

AND like I said, one of my biggest fears and phobias is not knowing what I am supposed to be doing. I can distinctly remember being about 15, having to drive my car into town to drop off at the auto shop so they could check my tires and whatnot. And I was freaking out, I wasn't sure where to park, what to do with my keys, am I supposed to go inside, who do I talk to, what do I say? I always hate that feeling I have when I don't know what I am supposed to be doing. Everyone else just knows all these things, and I'm clueless about all the common stuff. I try hard not to be put in any sort of situation that I am not familiar with, hating that uncomfortable feeling. I'm such a chicken.

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