Friday, October 10, 2008

Looking forward

So, as I have stated, I have no true expertise. But thinking about this whole deal has made me evaluate my life in general. I know, this blog is getting deep. But I have come up with some goals and aspirations for my life, and maybe this blog will help to hold me a little more accountable. OK-so:

I'll start out kinda easy and basic.
Daily Goals:
-Dishes done. Oh how great life would be with a dishwasher.
-Mail dealt with. No more piles.

Weekly Goals:
-Work my Mary Kay twice a week
-Walks with Cody 5 times a week

Monthly Goals:
-Budget done and (somewhat) followed
-Mary Kay special selected
-All filing for Mary Kay done
-Major grocery shopping list and menu selected. (I've seen this done, and I really think I could do it.)
Here's the deal. I want three different things. I want my husband and I to be healthier, both in food and our lifestyle. I want to do better with our money. We do put a good amount back, but I still think we could do better! And my final major goal is to be able to do Mary Kay full time within two years. I absolutely love my career as a Mary Kay woman. AND no one is more surprised than I am about this revelation. But, I would love to be able to eventually stay home with my children. I enjoy hanging out with fun, interesting women and I kinda like makeup! Plus all the free prizes are kinda a big pull.
So, we'll see how it goes. I'm not expecting perfection. But step by step, a healthier life, a move towards self-employment, and overall a richer (ha-get it) life. Plus, I'll always include cute pics of the men in my life, especially Cody, and my interesting trips to local gas station for my soda pops.

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