Saturday, July 28, 2012


loving: lazy mornings on the couch

reading: I just got done with "Pride and Prejudice". It took a little bit, but I really got into it. I'm watching a Youtube miniseries based on the book, which is really why I read the book, it's SO interesting to see how they modernized the story. I'm excited to watch it unfold, especially now that I know what's going to happen. If you want to watch it too, check out the Lizzie Bennet diaries.

waiting for: K-State Football to start!! #35days from today!

excited about: ummm.....the above! I love football, but I'm also excited just to see all of our friends -since college we really only see a lot of those guys at tailgating, so it's always great to get together. Plus tailgate food!

missing: Mt. Dew this morning - I've been so good for a long time, and I hardly ever crave it anymore...but for whatever reason I am this morning.

trying to: get motivated

working on: cleaning out that room in the back of the house that just becomes a magnet for junk

enjoying: the Olympics! Such a fun time of the year

using: my DVR so I can watch the end of the Opening Ceremonies - it got too late to watch it all last night, since I started about 3 hours late as it was

wearing:'s Saturday and I'm not doing anything but staying at home - still have my pajamas on!

planning: me? plan? I only like to try to plan 5 years out - I'm not good at planning the stuff right in front of me. Like I want to figure out exactly how we're going to build a new house, where at, and where we'll live while we're building, if we should sale our house in Clay first - and do you think that any of this is anywhere near happening? no, not at all.

singing: I don't do's best for everyone.

needing: to brush my teeth, yuk! I really have done nothing other than move from the bed to the couch!

learning: I've been learning all kinds of stuff, I'm an Internet/twitter addict - that means I've read articles on almost anything but understand nothing

listening: The Civil Wars - I am so obsessed with them. I love their stuff, I love their covers - oh goodness please listen to their cover of Billie Jean, Disarm, Sour Times, and you must listen to their version of the Star Spangled Banner - gorgeous.

wishing: I was a better housekeeper and more organized

doing: nothing yet! But soon, I will do the dishes and put away the clean laundry and venture into that room that's supposed to be a spare bedroom - not an extended version of the junk drawer.

praying for: confidence and growing stronger in my faith

dreaming of: taking another vacation this year - I told Mark there's just so many places I want to see, from Coney Island to Savannah, Georgia (to England and Germany and New Zealand, etc.) that we need to start now!

{this currently post idea is borrowed from Emily at Jones Design Company. Gorgeous inspiration. You should read her blog.}

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