Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life as a Farm Wife

I spent who knows how long this morning going back and forth about creating a whole new blog or just updating this rusty, old thing. Well my decision is obvious, as this is an update with just the Blog Post being titled "Life as a Farm Wife" instead of a whole new blog. My decision is only partly based on my enjoyment of going back and reading old posts but mainly centers around the difficulty of naming a whole new blog with something "unique" and not already taken by the plethora of other farm wife's out there!

So a few things have changed since the last time I updated this blog. In fact, the day after my last post (June 29th, 2012) I found out I was pregnant! After 4 years of struggling with infertility, it was an amazing moment. That positive pregnancy test came after our 3rd cycle of shots in the stomach, every other day visits to the clinic that was 2 hours away, followed up with an IUI, and yes - it was all worth it.
I got huge! And I have to explain- the reason the belly's hanging out the bottom was because I wore that same outfit in every picture as we documented the bump. Also this picture was literally like an hour before we went to the hospital. We were scheduled to go in, to be induced, so no middle of the night madman rush to the hospital, which Mark was disappointed by (but seriously, we lived 2 blocks from the hospital, I doubt it would have been that crazy.)

This is when Mommy and Clarabelle Hope got to see each other for the first time. She is beautiful.

Here we are during last year's harvest. This was actually on my birthday, June 30th.

At our wonderful friends' wedding (the Cantillon's). Both Mark and I were honored to stand up as part of the wedding party.

 Showing off her masterful skill of quickly and quietly climbing everything. We have now resorted to only using folding chairs in the kitchen so we can fold them up after we're done eating.

There are hundreds of other pictures I want to share to document how adorable and rambunctious and sweet my little girl is....but I just want this to be an update of the past 2 years! Another exciting, scary, and long awaited thing is that we have moved to the farm. You might have noticed in the above picture that the dining room looks very different than the previous pictures I have shared of our house. Our house in town, that I absolutely love, is for sale. It was our first home, I spent hours-days-weeks updating and painting and decorating so that it felt like "us" when you walked in. The farmhouse we have moved into was Mark's grandparents. And if you have ever moved into a family member's previous home, you know the difficulties and emotions that come with it. But there are many wonderful things about being able to live on the farm-being out in the country, so close for Mark, it really will be wonderful. Yep I now truly get to experience everything that goes along with being a farmer's wife, including the "trips to town" I remember from growing up - where those 10-12minute drives into town seem like such a chore, and any chance you are in a town with a Wal-Mart or equivalent store requires a stop because who knows when the next time you'll be there will be.

And so....such is life. The Minutes that are purely Miranda's are few and far between. But life has become much more enjoyable and meaningful in the hectic moments. And I hope to keep updating and documenting all of my minutes.

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