Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have a particular way that I eat my food. I always try to save one bite of everything for the very last. And I will carefully consider which bite to save for the end and which food item should be my last bite. I guess I always want the very last bite of my meal to be the best. And I'm a little protective of my food.

Mark constantly will try to steal my last bite, just cause he likes to mess with me. If only I could understand the thoughts of a man, intentionally pissing off his wife. Makes as much sense as him buying me a huge cast iron skillet for our anniversary. Seems a little counterintuitive to me.

This small idiosyncrasy of mine is an example of the small issues of OCD that I have. In fact, one time, when Mark was comfortable risking his life, he ate my last bite of sausage link while I was quietly making my way down to the final bite of my pancake. This sacrilege so bothered me that I felt the tears welling my eyes. All was fine though in the end, as it was an all you can eat breakfast, and I was able to get another sausage.

Mark's Opa (grandpa) also once made this same mistake as he reached over and took from my plate (from my own plate!) the last deviled egg that I had put to the side. Did he think I didn't want it? I just take these additional foods to make my plate look fuller? But after some steady breaths, I knew I would be ok, and though it may have bothered me some that I didn't have that last bite of egg, I didn't have a meltdown. It made me feel that perhaps I wasn't so crazy.

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