Sunday, January 4, 2009


My husband's birthday is next Saturday. So, this means that today is the beginning of Markapalooza. It's a whole week in celebration of Mark. My younger sister's birthday was today, and we had chili and opened some presents, and just kind of hung out. It has to suck having your birthday so close to Christmas, it all kind of gets lumped together. I'm still exhausted from all of the family stuff from the last couple of week, let alone trying to do more stuff this week with both our families and have some fun with friends. The presents are always an after thought, and then you don't get to open any presents for another year. My birthday is at the end of June, which means I've typically had to celebrate it in the wheat field. I never got to take treats to school. It was pretty rough growing up with a summer birthday. It's strange how important the time of your birthday is. And I don't mean by ways of astrology, but how it affects the kind of presents and parties you get! I suppose when it comes time for Mark and I to start having babies, we'll really have to do some careful planning!

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