Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, as we have been talking about building a new house, we've spent hours upon hours reading and re-reading the Wardcraft magazine. We're not limiting ourselves to Wardcraft, it's just that they have an easy to read catalog with lots of different floor plans in it. My favorite, absolute favorite! is the Alexandria 1-as of late. It seemed that each time I'd look at the magazine, I would come up with a different favorite. At first, all that I wanted was some separation between the dining room and living room. Call me old-fashioned, but I like walls and formal dining rooms and hallways and everything. I still think there's ways to make a house open, but I just don't really like the idea of the kitchen with the bar open to the living room open to the dining room. That is very modern right now, just not my style. But there's lots of other stuff that I want. Iwant a beautiful kitchen with an island and a pantry, a master bedroom suite with a nice walk in closet and a separate bathtub, a room close to the master that could serve as a nursery or a Mary Kay office! I'm picky about where I want the utility room, the doors, the bathroom. So, I knew I had to give up something, and when I decided to give up the "planned" separation between the dining room and the living room (realizing that separation can be created) I found this plan:

I love the little den close to the master bedroom, of course I would move the doors. And the utility room and the bathroom would need to be switched so that the garage could be on the side of the house, not the front. The master bathroom could be a little larger. And of course, the kitchen, oh Lordy, the kitchen! If all I had was the kitchen I would be happy. The last thing I would maybe do is not do the Cathedral ceiling. I know that sounds weird, but my mom's house has the Cathedral ceiling and it always sucks to try and dust up there, around the open wall that is separating the kitchen from the other rooms, and of course, where do you decide to stop painting. You'd have to paint the kitchen, living room, all of that the same color.

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