Tuesday, January 27, 2009


#23 - I've had lots of different jobs in the past 23 years. I thought it would be interesting to go through my list of former jobs.

1. Kitchen Aide at county hospital

2. Mowed the local cemetery

3. Worked at a local zinc plating shop as a secretary/janitor/painter

4. Scale girl during wheat harvest (at least I had air conditioning and cute farmer boys.

5. Factory worker at Manville-we made fiberglass insulation and I worked 12 hour days 6-6, switched between boths days and nights. It was a hot, itchy, interesting, and fun job.

6. Target - check out chick, for about one month. Worst job I've ever had

7. Lunch Lady at the Derb-the central dining room for the dorms at K-State- I mainly worked as a sub sandwich lady and then at the stir fry station

8. College Pro - I was a job site manager for a house painting company. Most difficult job I've ever had, but I ended up w/ some great friends

9. Disney - I went to local retailers and made sure their Disney displays looked good and I was pretty good myself at putting those cardboard things together

10. Quiznos - Shift Manager for the restaurant with the yummiest fast food sandwiches

11. K-State Athletic Dept - Marketing Gofer/Intern - whatever they could make me do

12. I spent one day selling DARE t-shirts at a truckstop in Oklahoma. But only one day and that's another blog post.

13. Yea for bank jobs! I've worked at a bank in Oklahoma as a teller and a personal banker, and of course, currently work as a teller here in Kansas

14. Mary Kay - I don't really consider it a job, just a lot of fun and a lot of makeup.

And I think that's it, at least all that I can or want to remember. You will notice that I don't have listed exotic dancer or stripper. There is reason for that. That is one job that I did not do. I mainly note this fact in the rare case that my ex-boyfriend's mother runs across my blog. I just wanted to straighten up some things you know. Get it all out in the clear. Though I am sure if I had, instead of making sandwiches, I would have ended up with a lot fewer student loans.

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