Thursday, January 29, 2009


I know I didn't get this done last night, but I have a good excuse!

You know how excuses are like feet, don'tcha? Everybody's got them and they all stink!

Anyways, last night my sister and I took one of our younger sisters out for supper in celebration of her reaching her Teen years. Lots of talking about womanly subjects, and lots of strawberry lemonade.

So, my #22 is in honor of this momentous occasion. And no, it's not about any sort of womanly subject.

#22 - I am the oldest of 10 total children, as of last count. This includes full, half, step, whole, claimed and unclaimed siblings. This does not include ex-step-siblings (that would bump the number up to 13 and I would then be second oldest.)
This is a list of my siblings, w/ age and how they are related.

-Morgan, 19 We share the same mother and father. My only full sibling. She got the hair, the looks, the boobs, and I was supposed to have got the brains-but she was the valedictorian of her class, and I was definitely not-so I just pretend like I got the better humor and call it good! She does tell me I'm funny.

-Kylie, 13 We share the same mom. She and I are kindred spirits, we are so similar it's kind of freaky.

-Ethan, 8 He'll be 9 in about one week. My little red-headed brother. We have the same mom. He's the cutest thing ever, and a very sweet soul. He use to wrap up his own toys just so he could give gifts to others at Christmas.

-Lexi, 12 We have the same dad. She is going to be a wonderful mom, she is a natural with children, and absolutely loves helping out.

-Sidney, 9 We have the same dad. She's one of my twin sisters. She has beautiful blue eyes and is also very caring and quiet. She seems very introspective and I can't wait to watch her grow up.

-Taylor, 9 We have the same dad. She the other twin. She looks more like me, while Sidney more resembles Morgan. Taylor is very mischevious and quick to action.

-Tana, 22 Step-sister through my dad

-Spring, 20 Step-sister through my dad

-Tyler, 17 Step-brother through my dad

My dad just got married this past August. He has a wonderful new wife that makes him very happy, and I look forward to getting to know my step-siblings in the future. So far, we've had lots of fun at the few family get-togethers we've had. So, it's looking pretty positive!

So that's about it. I love the craziness, the constant things going on, and I love being the oldest, helping out my younger siblings, watching them grow up and all the other good stuff!

PS-Just in case you're wondering, Mark has one sister. One. That's it.

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