Sunday, July 6, 2014

Beer Bratwursts

Tonight for supper we had brats - yummmy. I cooked them in beer and then threw them on my grill pan for a few minutes at the end so they'd get that dark brown charred yumminess. And with them I had some caramelized onions. Just thinly sliced yellow onions on a med-low heat with some oil and a good pinch of salt, I added some garlic about halfway through. And then when they were done - all soft and brown and delicious - I added some of the beer that the brats had cooked in. It was so good! This was a meal that I had been saving for harvest, I figured brats were easy and well liked by everyone, and wrap them up in some foil and they would stay warm and be easily transportable. But like I talked about before - with harvest never seeming to get off the ground I'm having to steal some of the meals I had planned for that time - because I don't have any other food in the house!!

Now we are off to the ball diamonds for the highlight of our summer - Sunday Night Slow Pitch Softball! This is serious business for the county, yes I said county. I will have to capture some of the highlights and share them tomorrow!

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