Friday, July 4, 2014

Trash Can Adventures

Thursday was Trash Day here at the new place. Now a week ago Thursday was also trash day.....but I missed it. Forgot about it, and there's no helpful reminders like a whole street of neighbors with their trash cans out here on the farm.I had meant to set it out the night before, as I am unsure what time they come by. Of course I woke up at 7, realizing I had completely forgotten. So I quickly grabbed the screaming Claire out of her crib and went outside to drag the trash down to the edge of the driveway. As I took the first load (because yes there were 3 different loads) I realized I hadn't quite done this the best possible way. 3 loads of trash down the driveway in my flip flops with Clarabelle in her pj's just trailing behind.  As I tried to pull the trash can with one hand and carry the cardboard box with the other, the trash can rolled and tipped  more than once, forcing me to take it by itself, using both hands - thereby creating the 3rd and most dramatic of the trips. I mean, I'm a farm wife now, right? Where's my flatbed truck to do these things? Or better yet, my own gator to fly around this gigantic yard with? I mean seriously.

All I have to say is: Farm Wife Status - Amateur.

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