Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hustling up 'the Hill'

I had intended to get some pictures on Sunday night to help explain the wonder that is Slow Pitch Softball in a small town. But apparently, I did not understand what having my 16 month old at these games meant. It did not mean sit down, drink a beer, and watch a bunch of your peers run around after a yellow ball. Instead it meant never sit down, not for a second, and you run around after a little girl while your peers laughed at you! At this ball diamond there is "the hill" a great place to back your vehicle up, open up the back and watch the games from the comfort of a tailgate or some bag chairs. The "hill" also provides endless entertainment for the kids. But when you have a 16 month old that doesn't understand come back, don't go in the dugouts, or watch out - it means you spend a lot of time up and down the hill picking her up, dusting off her knees, and setting her up right so she can take off again. We enjoyed the playground area and all of the slides and being just far enough out of mommy's reach to force me to have to climb up the stairs to set her on the slide. I also had to referee a bit, as my daughter does not understand yet sharing or stealing other kid's toys. But we followed it all up with a trip to the concession stand, so....good times.

My husband pitched for his team, and afterwards he was talking about the game and I realized how very little I had seen. But the important thing was that they won! You see, in small town Kansas, on a Sunday night, when the wheat is looking bad and who knows when you'll even be able to get it cut there is not much more important than that softball game and an Icee pop with our daughter.

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